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I hate Skype


Skype made an important announcement yesterday.

Today, the company released a beta version of Skype for your mobile, a mobile “thin” client that works on about 50 of the most popular Java-enabled mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

The beta version of Skype for your mobile is available worldwide with a feature set that includes chat, group chat, presence (seeing when your contacts are online), and receiving calls from Skype users, and through SkypeIn.* Additional features, which include the making of Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut calls from the mobile handsets, are initially supported in seven markets: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Skype-to-Skype and SkypeOut calls! This new Java-based application is expected to require a phone call (callback) to initiate the calls then use the data connection to keep them going, which will make calls a lot cheaper.

But I am not excited by the news. I had a Palm device for quite some time and Skype still makes no application for the Palm. Now I have a Blackberry and it’s left out too.

“While Skype for your mobile is in beta,” O’Loughlin added, “it is an important time for us to listen to our users’ feedback, be it through surveys or user forums. We need to hear what delights them and where there is still work to be done.”

Listen to this then, O’Loughlin: Skype, go to hell. Competition, do something about it. Quick.

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  1. Hmmm I just use iSkoot works the way I need it to.

  2. Bla1ze, iSkoot and pretty much every other VoIP service/application out there use callbacks. We don’t have any data-only VoIP service/application for the Blackberry.

  3. Hey this is not new and I already have it on my Blackberry. It works great

  4. Skype have made some strange decisions with regards to mobile devices over the years…

    The original version of Skype for Microsoft Windows Mobile: Professional supported VoIP calls on my Dopod 838Pro, but when they updated their Skype client, I lost this functionality because (according to the Web site) my 838Pro doesn’t support this feature!

    Uh huh, my 838Pro just conicidentally lost this functionality in between releases…

    Then there’s the Skype client for the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable).

    Seriously, how many people are REALLY going to use a PSP (PlayStation Portable) to make VoIP calls?

    Skype is a complete waste of time and I think I’ll stick to e-mail/instant messaging (IM) – if you’re desperate for some love though, check out iSkoot:

  5. Sorry Luciano ES, I mis interpreted what functionality the “native” Skype was using…I an see the difference now after further review, but I have to wonder how well it works with the carrier data…for example if my EDGE is slow or my wifi weak at that point…won’t that be reflected in the call quality?

  6. Why hate skype? Iskoot is a great application you can use. No call back to blackberry. You call a local number and then it connects you worldwide to skype users using only a local call and minutes. It has chat, cheaper sms, etc. Don’t need much more than this. Native voip isn’t on blackberry because blackberry doesn’t have the horsepower to handle it. Sad but probably better off for call quality this way and batter life for your mobile phone. I just wish calls to South America land lines and mobile numbers were cheaper, such as to Ecuador or Peru.

  7. Ps local call above means within your country, e.g. USA

  8. 1) The automatic local call feature is provided by iSkoot, not Skype to begin with.
    2) You still pay for the “local call”. I don’t know about you, but I have a rather limited monthly quota with my carrier. And using my “local” minutes is slightly more expensive than using Skype credits.
    3) There is no local number in my city, so I end up paying long distance – A LOT more expensive.
    4) I am testing iSkoot this weekend and I can’t make any calls. It seems that long distance (in São Paulo) number is not working.
    5) Windows Mobile devices make Skype-to-Skype calls. The Blackberry has enough processor power for that too. Unless Java is getting in the way, of course. 😕
    6) However I should spend my battery is none of RIM’s or Skype’s business. It’s up to each user decide whether we want to use the application or not and suffer the consequences.
    7) Skype claims in their site that their calls work fine over a dial-up connection. EDGE is just about the same as dial-up if not better. My carrier has a pretty good EDGE connection.

  9. I was disappointed when Skype decided to no longer offer free land line calls. Other than that, i see nothing wrong with it…

  10. You slut.Skype is the best.

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