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Busted , Doh.

120px-wa_police_te202.jpgSorry for the lack of posts by myself yesterday but I swear I have a legitimate reason.  Late yesterday (around 10:30 pm local time) after a long, long day at work I was just getting set to post a few articles up for you all when my ISP went down in a screaming heap. After a few failed attempts to re-connect I thought I would go out and hit the streets in search of some un-secure WiFi connections(no real ‘Hotspot’ network here). Now, this was around midnight and I was doing the literal ‘kerb crawl’ whilst my laptop on the passengers seat was doing the searching for wireless connections.The next thing I know, blue and red lights are flashing everywhere from behind me. The police officer asked me what the hell I was doing crawling along the road at midnight ? My answer was Um, Um, Um (this was buying me time as I was trying to think of some sort of pathetic excuse). The cop had spotted my laptop so I was 1/2 busted anyway, “I am waiting for a really important email from overseas and my internet connection has gone down”, is what I finally spat out. The police officer, which could see my frustration, told me to go home and stop trying to ‘Mooch’. He then suggested I go out and buy myself a ‘BlackBerry’ to stop any future frustrating situations. I had to bite my own lip to prevent myself from laughing. (I’ve got 5 of the things at home but I wasn’t going to tell him that).Well anyway, that’s my excuse and it turned out to be a funny little story.BTW: my ISP is still down and I’m writing this from work so I better get going before I don’t have a job…Hope you all have a great day…

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  1. Ha ha, that’s awesome!

    ~ Posted wirelessly from my BlackBerry 8800 ~

  2. And here we thought war driving was oh so passe… 🙂

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