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New Aerize Card Loader 1.1.0

aerizecardloader110.jpgWe already mentioned changes to Aerize Optimizer last week. So Aerize is busy and back again, this time with an impressive host of improvements to their always intriguing Aerize Card Loader product, now at version 1.1.0. In case you don’t know what it is, Aerize Card Loader supposedly allows you to “install and run” (so to speak) applications from the SD card. Countless Blackberry users have been lamenting the lack of such ability for years in blogs and forums all over the world.

So what’s new in version 1.1.0?

  • FREE update to existing registered users
  • Added OTA to SD card
  • Configure save to card
  • Improved registration
  • Media card auto-detection
  • Added “busy” animation
  • Status bar auto-hide
  • COD bundle support
  • Improved error reporting
  • Application permission check
  • Numerous bug fixes

You can check all details with plenty of screenshots here.

And you can, of course, expect our full review soon.

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  1. I like the concept…but…

    I do not like the fact that someone could download the entire OTA package. What would stop someone from downloading a Premium Theme and redistributing it? Can anyone say Piracy???

  2. But if there is an OTA package, anyone can copy it already… Unless the URL is secret, but whoever has access to it can copy the package just the same. I guess the theme has to be protected with PIN/password keys.

  3. Well my biggest complaint about the last version of this was that it didn’t allow for OTA install and run from the SD card. I just installed Aerize, and with OTA Yahoo! Go 3.0 (which I’d never keep on my device since it’s 1MB) to the SD card. I am now running it successfully from SD. Well done Aerize. Today you earned yourself a $20 purchase.

    I still think RIM OS 4.5 should offer this feature. Can anyone tell me when the heck I’ll have OS 4.5 for my T-Mo 8320??

  4. UPDATE: Ok I take it all back!!! This doesn’t seem to work at all since I am installing from OTA onto the SD card, but my active memory is just getting smaller and smaller. I can’t seem to notice any difference from before. I uninstalled 6 large programs from my blackberry after installing Aerize. I thought I could finally get over the 10MB mark for active memory. However after putting most of those apps back via the SD card now I’m back to almost 3MB of active memory left. Terrible experience.

  5. OK…

    Maybe you missed the whole point of this software.

    This software is supposed to be used to extract the COD information so that you can store the installation files onto a SD card. This does not mean that if you install the programs that you are storing that the data will remain on the SD card. The only thing that will remain on the SD card is the installation information. The COD files are the “payload” files that the JAD/JAR files uses to install specific applications.

    Once you install the software that you have extracted on the SD card, the install program goes into the phone’s physical memory.

    the reason I am against this is because this software allows the user to extract the COD information that we themer’s use for OTA files. If you have the COD files that we use for OTA, you can repost that information anywhere. I am really suprised that RIM actually would allow a piece of software like this to be released. There is no way to protect software unless you issue a license key for every OTA piece of software. And for those of us that sell themes…that means that a person with this software can extract the data and repost the premium theme…nice…thanks Aerize…

  6. Steve: I agree you did a much better job explaining how Aerize SD loader works then I did, but my main reason for disappointment is from the very high expectations set by the Aerize marketing material. They claim you can not install limitless numbers of applications. Even though I was able to load/and unload the apps to/from my SD card, my system memory still kept going down. Maybe it requires a reset between to see how much memory I really have, but that wouldn’t be a good experience either. Aerize might be a fine product for as limited as it appears to be, but for me (a BB user for personal reasons), there is still a huge need for apps to be installed and run from the SD that do not reduce system memory, and Aerize does not cut it for that. Maybe they don’t want to, but that is what I need, and what I’d imagine many more who have had their e-mails removed due to low memory are looking for too. Cheers!

  7. I tried the trial version and found that it corrupted installations of Mobylo SureWipe and MemoryUp-Mobile RAM Booster. After I uninstalled Card Loader and reinstalled the corrupted apps, things seem to be back in place.

  8. Wish I didn’t pay the $20 for the Card Loader and Explorer bundle. No info or links in progs as to what they do, or how to use them. Nothing on Aerize site. If card loader doesn’t free up device memory they’re guilty of fraud.

  9. I have been trying to find out what this application is and I figured out that its like a typical Storage-RAM thing. I recently bought my Blackberry and have been looking for a way to increase my bb’s memory (RAM).

    As far as I think to “Load” an application using Aerize, what they mean is to load it to the RAM (like any computer) from a storage device. So, in essence your application will take BB’s memory space if it is loaded. Ofcourse, you can unload the app to free the memory.

    If anyone thinks this is correct, then please comment back.


  10. The point people are trying to make is that this app doesn’t do what people *really* need it to do, which is *run* apps from the SD card. It just stores your uninstalled apps to SD, allowing you (with a fair amount of effort) to uninstall less-commonly-used apps and only install tthem when needed. An easier solution, frankly, is not to pay $20 at all, and just store the URL’s to OTA apps in Bookmarks, and install from there. That way you always have the most *recent* updates to the OTA files, and you save $20 to boot. If Aerize can get apps to RUN from SD cards, so it doesn’t eat up system resources, I’d buy it. But right now it’s kind of pointless, as long as my 3rd-party apps have OTA download sites. And for me, I’d frankly rather not use an app (in my case, Beyond 411 falls into this category) than worry about whether to add or remove it. I’ve posted reviews of Aerize CardLoader elsewhere — it just doesn’t do what people expect -or need- it to do.

  11. Very good point, Eric. But I tend to take Aerize CardLoader as an *optional* solution to a problem or shortcoming that was put there by RIM in the first place, so to speak. We need more device memory, RIM didn’t give much when the Curve and the Pearl were released, so you might need the extra help. Another problem is the absence of desktop intallation for Linux and Mac users. These people do not exist to RIM and Aerize CardLoader solves that.
    Just the same about that other application that lets your BB vibrate and ring at the same time. Some people say it’s a rip-off, but I think RIM is to blame for not putting that option in the product when they could have.

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