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BlackBerry Ave. A social networking site.

Shortly after was shutdown, I was at a loss to find other Blackberry owners across the world. Yes, I was looking for a social networking site tailored to Blackberry folks like myself, who love their Blackberry’s and everything related to them.

World, meet Blackberry Ave.

Blackberry Ave is beautiful in design. While the site is still Beta, the content flows smoothly and everything is easy to find. I had no trouble at all setting up my account and start filling in my profile. What was also nice, is that there is a desktop version of the site, making it even easier to write in long entries (address, about, etc).

Of course, it’s all related to Blackberry’s and it’s community, and so far there are plenty of other people you’ll find on there with similar interests with the tag search feature. As a friend had pointed out, the people she had met on another social network designed for Blackberry’s, weren’t as friendly. So a huge plus there. Who wants to be a part of a community full of nasty people? I don’t, and that’s why I’m enjoying Blackberry Ave so far.

And hey, what’s a social network site without the ability to share files? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Blackberry Ave has the solution, giving you a whole 10MB’s (thats mega byte) of storage so you can share those essential files with others. Got some nice Blackberry wallpapers you’d like to share with everyone? Drop it into your Public folder. And as far as I can tell, there are no restrictions on how many folders you can create. Neat huh?

Blackberry Ave will also allow you to create your own community, much like facebook’s communities. It’s as simple as giving it a name and inviting some friends. You can determine access restrictions of what people can or can’t see, and even add a profile picture to it, separate from your own. So it’s like a network within a social network. Good stuff!

You can also add your own feeds from other sites, or visit the Popular Feeds section to find what people are subscribing to. For instance, there’s a feed for already there!

And naturally, there is a Blog section where you can do your fancy blogging and all your Blackberry friends can read it. But what’s even better is you can add widgets to your profile page. For instance, I just added a widget to my profile page to show the most recent entries of my blog. Thats a cool way to get my stuff out there for sure.

So all around what we have here is a very respectable and neatly designed social network made especially for Blackberry owners. What’s not to love? And so far I haven’t run across a single glitch on this lovely site. And have I mentioned everything that’s available on the Desktop version is available on the mobile version as well?

Move over BBmnation, Blackberry Ave is in town: It’s The Place to Be.

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  1. I have to check it out. The description is great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. 🙂 No worries there.

  3. Luigi Raw, founder of BlackBerry Ave. has reported a 40 member increase in the last 12 hours, glad I was able to help. 🙂
    By the way, you can follow Luigi on Twitter “theitiuk”

  4. Thanks Bull for review. Just so you are aware there has been a 190% increase on traffic in the last 24 hours and 70 new members. This is an astonishing amount.

    68 of those members were directed from this post.

    Thank to BerryReview for the increased traffic and congratulations on getting a great reviewer on board.

    Thanks again and happy blogging.

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