OtterBox Defender Case; Nearly 6 month update…


It has pretty close to 6 months ago now since I took delivery of the 2 OtterBox cases for review. (The Defender 1934-20 for the Pearl series and the 1935-20 for the Curve series).

Now I know that most reviewers try a product for a week or so, write their review then move on to the next product. I, however have decided to do a long term review on the OtterBox case for my BlackBerry Curve 8310. This is the device that I use every day for work and play.

I was going to do this as a 12 month update but with the BlackBerry 9000 (9100??) due out later this year I probably won’t be in the Curve come December…

Before you all start dropping really nasty comments in the box below stating that my original review was done on the Black model whilst the picture above is of the Yellow and Black one here is the explanation ; I received the Yellow one about a week after I wrote the original review so I have used it ever since…

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The only time I have ever removed my Curve from the protection the OtterBox offers is when I’ve had to do a reset, which lately is fairly often.

There are a couple of things about this case that urk me;


  • The plastic membrane extends over the camera (I modified this by Carefully cutting the offending piece out)
  • The dirt factor. (the Yellow one gets dirty pretty quickly and is fairly hard to keep clean. But I would rather the dirt on the case than in the Berry)
  • The reflective qualities of the membrane over the screen. (In some lighting conditions the screen can be a little hard to read but this is easy to rectify by changing the angle on which you are viewing)
  • Lastly, there is a bit of dirt build up around the trackball but again this would be the same without the case.


I’ve dropped it, thrown it (sometimes my temper gets the better of me) and spilled water on it and still if you remove my BlackBerry, I could sell it tomorrow as a brand new device.

The silicon rubber plug that covers the mini-usb/headphone port has held out without fault. (When I first received the case I thought this would become problem in time but has shown no wear and tear even with me accessing the ports 3 or 4 times a day).The carrier holster has also performed faultlessly with the belt clip still as tight as the first day I got it. The clear membrane is also something that has surprised me. With the amount I use my BlackBerry, (ie. Heaps), the clear membrane looks as good as new. No ware marks, no opaling and best of all, no warn out lettering on the keyboard itself…As I said, As New…

Well that just about sums it up really. I was impressed then and I’m even more impressed now…I will keep using this case as my daily driver until I take delivery of my next BlackBerry and hope like hell that it doesn’t take OtterBox long to develop a new case for the 9000.

If you want to read my initial review; Review: OtterBox for 8300 Curve & 8100 Pearl

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  1. Thanks for this review I’ve been looking at other cases for my husband and I like that this one sounds fairly tough. We have a 2 y/o who likes to get a hold of our phones, I didn’t like the silicone sleeves that looked like they didn’t offer any kind of defense against anything other than scratches.
    I was trying to find a leather case, but the only leather I could find are pouches as opposed to a case, so again thanks and I will search for otterbox dealers/websites to learn more.

    • Hi and thanks for your feedback.
      I can honestly say, your husband will love this case. It does make your device a little bulkier than standard but this minor detail is only a slight trade off from what these boxes have to offer.
      I’ve been in the construction industry for a long time now and have not come across another case that offers this level of protection. And from your 2 y/o… no problem. It will take whatever punishment he or she can hand out.
      Glad to have helped in your search and let us know how it goes once you get hold of one.
      Kind Regards,
      Greg Myers

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