A week’s worth of calculators at BerryReview

calculator-50.jpgI don’t know what happens to me when I use the calculator that is included with every Blackberry device these days. I always feel that something is not right. I guess it doesn’t quite look like a calculator. I guess I’d never seen a blue calculator. Maybe I want more functions. Maybe the “equals” sign should have been in the space key, where it’s so much more obvious and convenient than tucked in the corner. Or maybe I should just change my foolish attitude towards it and stop making up issues where there isn’t any.

But there is some bad blood between me and the stock Blackberry calculator so I went after alternatives. I was quite surprised because there are so many. And most of them confirm what I suspected all the time: the Blackberry calculator is not the most powerful and good-looking bean counter a Blackberry user can have.

I found Blackberry calculators made by 5 makers, so during this whole week I will review one Blackberry calculator each day. Here are the candidates:

I’ve finally made my choice, but these calculators all have very different characteristics that set them apart from all others. If you’re interested and in doubt, stay tuned to this series and you may save yourself some time trying and deciding. Come on and join us. Be the operator with your pocket calculator. 🙂

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