Flashlight apps, part 4: conclusion

This is the fourth part of a series. Click here to see the introduction of the series.

The obvious conclusion is that using the Blackberry screen as a flashlight is a poor choice, but that’s the only one we have so far. These applications take that choice and exist because there is a demand for flashlight applications. Each application uses that choice more or less wisely, especially one of them for using the Blackberry LED to provide additional lighting.

flashlight 1

Flashlight Pro For BlackBerry – 60 MINUTES Edition v3.0 by Link-two has flaws in design/behavior, but takes the cake for using the LED as additional lighting. It’s not fun or entertaining, but certainly helps in the primary function of these apps, which is to cast some light into the dark. Not ideal, but I can recommend it.

flashlight 2

Flashlight Pro v1.0 by S4BB Limited doesn’t use the LED so it is not a great flashlight. But it behaves more or less acceptably and has an interesting SOS in Morse code feature that is sure to secure the second place in this roundup. What with the low prices of these apps and mobile devices rescuing people from all kinds of sticky situations these days, one could very reasonably consider buying this application for the SOS signal alone.

flashlight 3

MyFlashlight v2.0 by aBs JMicro makes all the mistakes the other contenders make combined and offers too little benefit from rather odd features to be taken into consideration.

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