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Very Interesting Perspective Of A Windows Mobile User

WindowsmobilelogoI was just reading this really interesting article showing the perspective of an avid Windows Mobile users take on the BlackBerry. Adam Lein is one of the senior editors on so his experience with the T-Mobile 8820 was a refreshing perspective on the difference.

I know I am a little biased but if you read the comments in the forum you can get a fresh perspective on the whole conversion process.

So have you used a Windows Mobile Device before?

How does it compare to your BlackBerry?

Personally I have tried multiple times to use a Windows Mobile device. This includes the Moto V9, BlackJack, Mogul, Touch, and many others. Personally I found the devices powerful but it always came down to one consideration. If you care about your email and PIM always working then there is no replacement for the BalckBerry. Yes it wont do video, yes it does not have as many applications, yes it is limited, but those are all perks to me and not a necessity.

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  1. My BlackBerry has video.
    Having used both WM and BlackBerry, I find BlackBerry to be more stable.

    If there were any serious competition for BlackBerry, it would be Symbian.

  2. Graham,
    I agree with you about Symbian. My wife swears by her P910 and I used to use quite a few s60 devices before BlackBerry. On the other hand the core of the symbian platform felt like it needed some serious GUI overhaul. The integration of all the options was a issue for me. On the other hand I could install practically anything I wanted on a s60 compared to the BlackBerry

  3. That is not “very interesting perspective of a Windows Mobile user”, Ronen. That is one lame review. I also read the part 2: e-mail.
    First, the guy moves to a completely different device that is made by a completely different company and runs a completely different platform, won’t read any manual or instructions at all and complains because so many things do not quite behave as he expected them. Here is a suggestion: stick to the very same device that is made by the very same company and runs the very same platform. You will be surprised at how exactly the very same things will look and feel to you.
    Then he expects an unprecedented implementation of RMMADWIM: he starts an application and, without trying any button or trackball, complains that “there is no indication of what he can do with the program.” Priceless.
    Then he complains about synchronization issues. The Blackberry is incredibly popular. Did he bother to research a little about how millions of Blackberry users (including corporate top echelon) go about synching their mail? I don’t think so. He obviously expects a Blackberry to work and behave exactly like a WM device. Why not just stick to WM then? Here is a better idea: why don’t we ALL wear the same clothes, eat the same food and listen to the same music? Wouldn’t the world be a much better place this way? At this point, it really begins to smell fishy…
    Then he nitpicks on details like:
    “Mail icons look exactly the same.” – Windows/Liberace rainbow color scheme sorely missed.
    “All of your messaging accounts are jumbled together in one list.” – RTFM!
    “The message loads as black text on a white background.” – Just like on books and newspapers for centuries. I feel tempted to wonder if he ever reads books and newspapers and question his IQ.
    “I opened a PDF, but it wasn’t a real PDF.” – You can read the text and you can forward “the real PDF” if you need to. What the hell else do you want from a PDF?
    “By default, the text uses an ugly, difficult to read font.” – I could spend a whole fortnight writing about things that are inadequate BY DEFAULT in all sorts of machines, platforms and operating systems. And about half of that fortnight would be spent on Windows. And I like that font. It’s very clear and readable.
    “Only 1 pixel of padding on the left of the screen.” – I bet you’d say that “precious screen space is wasted” if that padding were larger instead of maximizing use of the available space, which is a much smarter choice. Come on, that was the most oddball complaint I’ve read EVER.
    And I totally fail to see his point in relation to the address book browsing when composing a message. The Blackberry way just works.
    He does raise some true and interesting issues, but there does not seem to be one single thing that can please his impossible taste, apparently carefully designed to blow the Blackberry off right from the get go. Can you really believe a guy who nitpicks on screen padding and can’t seriously find one single thing about the Blackberry that is clearly superior to WM and deserves a compliment? Let the image speak for itself:

    If you want truly “interesting perspective of Windows Mobile users”, you can find it here:

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