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BERRYBuddy Cradle Available For The Curve

Berrybuddy-curveI was just reading on BlackBerryCool that there is a new cradle in town for the Curve that is moderately priced. You can pick it up for a reasonable $26.95 from the

Personally I don’t get the hype about a cradle. I used to hate when I had to use the cradle for my older BlackBerry. It also reminds me of the horrible Palm cradles. The BERRYBuddy actually looks good which is a change of pace but it doesn’t really add any functionality.

Can anybody explain to me why people need a cradle?

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  1. The cradle makes a lot of sense to me. I have to be sitting all day. I can leave the phone in my holster, but that is uncomfortable when I’m sitting. So I leave it on the desk and in the holster. Every time it bleeps, I have to pick it up.
    If it were standing on a cradle tilted at that very convenient angle, I wouldn’t have to pick it up every time. I would just glance at it and only pick it up when the message was really important (although unimportant messages usually don’t bleep). Besides, I would have a very good desk clock with appointments and weather forecast or whatever information I could use as my front screen. And it would get drip-charged continuously so the battery would be always full whenever I had to leave and take it with me.
    I totally ditch the idea though because I am not happy with my Berry sitting on the desk uncovered picking up dust all day. It has to stay in the holster.

  2. I saw the link about the Rim Pod, they are nice but I think they are still not as functional as the BerryBUDDY. The BerryBUDDY allows you to charge and Sync at the same time, with the Rim PO you still have to connect your data cable to the handset which makes the handset become very unstable in the POD. The BerryBUDDY allows you the total freedom to not have the hassle of pluggin in that pesky cable all the time. At least you know where the cable is instead of it being on the floor!

  3. Hmmmm… well, the pod works great for my roommate and I.

    We both have blackberry pearls. And this sits in the livingroom. I synch my bb once every couple of days, so that’s really not an issue as I always have the cable by my laptop.

    Plus this thing looks way cool in the room, with the blackberry logo all lit up, and our pearls lit up too using bblight while charging. 🙂

    So once again, it’s all about *cool factor*. The cradle just looks a little too buly and intrusive, where is this is a beautifully molded lit piece of chrome on our end table. 🙂

  4. Well each to their own my friend. You love the POD, I love the BerryBUDDY. Enjoy whichever, they are both worthy of a cool rating in my opinion! BerryBUDDY slightly higher tho 😉 for me.

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