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Rant! Another Rediculous BlackBerry Limitation?

Stefano of BBworld just sent me a knowledge base article from RIM that just made my jaw drop. Granted I have never actually noticed this issue before but I just cannot believe it exists!

From RIM’s Knowledge Base

Reply to all is not received by more than 32 recipients

Details: When an email message is received by more than 32 recipients, the email message on the BlackBerry smartphone displays a truncated list of 32 recipient email addresses. If the BlackBerry smartphone user sends a reply to all recipients, only the 32 recipients on the truncated list will receive the reply.

Note: When sending email messages from the BlackBerry smartphone, there is no limit to the number of email addresses that can be added to each of the To, Bcc, and Cc fields. When receiving email messages, only 32 email addresses can be displayed in the To and Cc fields.

This is by design.

Seriously RIM! It is by design that you can only reply to 32 people in a mailing list?

The only thing I can think of as a reason for this restriction is that people might use it to send spam by sending mail through the RIM servers this way. The problem with that theory is that if that was the case this limitation should not exist for BES and Novell users also!

Anybody got any other ideas?

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  1. The spam idea is bogus. There must be some clause in the EULA that forbids spam, and tracking/identifying a spammer with a Blackberry would be so easy it would spoil the fun.

  2. Yahoo mail was like this too (and may still be). My previous employer used Yahoo Business Mail, and we had to get Yahoo to make a special concession for our account addresses as Yahoo was tripping of recipient lists over 32 addresses even when directly accessing via POP3. The 32 limit in that case was applied to each field, so there could be 32 in the TO and 32 in the CC , but any more than that you would see (as you do on a Blackberry) the message that the distribution was truncated.

    In a way, it has a side benefit. If your email address is 33rd or higher, at least when idiots do a Reply-All instead of just a Reply, you won’t see it if they are replying from their BB! 😉

    But sometimes it is REALLY annoying, and I wish RIM would eliminate the limit (or apply the limit only to BCC field, who needs to BCC more than a couple folks honestly).

  3. I think the funniest part is that this is by design and not a bug

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