Tutorial: Sending Attachments From Your Blackberry Device

This back to the basics article comes from one of our new contributors Mark who developed the very useful ezreregister utility we have mentioned previously. It is not meant for the hardcore BlackBerry user but is intended to answer a question that many of us get asked quite often by new BlackBerry users.

A handy feature of the newer Blackberry devices that can be overlooked is the ability to send a message with an attachment.

Suppose that you maintain several documents that you need to send to others from time to time. When someone calls you or sends a message asking for it, they want it now! Here is a relatively easy way to oblige them.

Whenever you change or edit your document, take an extra moment to place the updated copy on your Blackberry (I use a micro SD card, you can store smaller documents directly on the Blackberry). You can use the Media Manager portion of the Desktop Manager, or if you have Mass Storage Mode enabled on your device, you can use your native file explorer to load the file onto your Blackberry.

How to Attach the File(s)



From left to right:

  1. create the message to send
  2. click menu, and select Attach File
  3. select the source of the file to send
  4. select the individual file
  5. the message now has the attachment
  6. send the message on it’s way. That’s all there is to it!

If you need to send media files or files that are large in size, this isn’t the best way to do it. If you need a quick way to send the latest report, your current catalog, or any other reasonably sized file that others will ask you for, this is how you can do it without waiting to get back to the office, or having to call someone to send it for you.

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  1. Apologies for a not very enlightened query but I am just learning to operate my 8820. I do not quite understand why should I upload documents from a PC to my BB and to send them as attachments from there if I can send them directly from a PC? Or have I missed something? And when I clicked on the ezregister utility it wanted me to register rather than offered help with sending anything, so I am probably missing something again. This is close, however, to my problem. I want to be able to send Voice Notes from my BB as attachments via a WiFi link. I hate Outlook so I’m using Gmail but I have no clue how to attach the Voice Notes. In the Simple HTML on Gmail I see the Attachment option but, of course, I have no means to set out the path to the Voice Note file. The article mentioned a native file explorer – native to my PC with the (BB) Desktop Manager software or native to a BB? I’ll be most grateful for any clarifications and advice and please treat me as a BB illiterate and use very plain English. And I have a micro SD card installed but the BB seems to save the Voice Notes in a default location so how can I have anything to say in the matter, please?

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