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Rosie’s Revenge – New Fighting Game From Enigma Games

Rosiesrevenge_screen1Enigma has been releasing some interesting games for BlackBerry recently. They released EFL: Preseason Football Game earlier this month and have followed with another game. This one is called Rosie’s Revenge and is available for $6.95 from Enigma games. Rosie’s Revenge is the only First Person Fighting game I know of for BlackBerry so it definitely perked my interest. You can see a short video clip of the game on the product page.

The idea is that Rosie is trying to learn how to exact revenge on a mugger that violently attacked her in an alleyway. The point of the game is to help Rosie earn her black belt in self defense as she trains in Zara’s Dojo.

I love the games tag line: When life attacks you, kick it in the balls!

From the description:

Game Information

  • Innovative fighting controls
  • 8 authentic martial art strikes
  • Auto-saving game progress
  • In-game help by 13-time world champion Zara Phythian
  • Gameplay

  • Progress from white to black belt by learning martial art combinations
  • Fast paced fighting
  • Take down the mugger and get revenge for Rosie
  • I have not had a chance to play the game myself but I will be downloading it soon. Hopefully a review will follow. I just love how this game got a Family Friendly rating from TIGRS.


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    1. Well, that short video at sucks, doesn’t it? Why do they show just a cut scene? Why not show some of the game’s actual action? I can’t avoid suspecting they are trying to hide something, like maybe the game isn’t really that good. I felt the same way about Guitar Hero, which Ronen reviewed on April 1st. They ought to show game action, not intro scenes!

    2. I picked up this game out of curiosity, and while it isn’t a very long, replayable game, it was entertaining for a short time. To put it into perspective, 7 dollars is cheaper than catching a movie in a theater, plus you walk away from this game and the theater even feeling entertained. Believe me, I’ve been to horrible movies for 10 bucks and the cost of refreshments, only to feel robbed. It is what it is, and it was fun while it lasted. If you check out the website and Ronen’s screenshots, you’ve basically gotten the essence of the game in its entirety. It’s one of those cases, pardon me for overusing the movie analogy, where the movie trailer is essentially the movie.

      Guitar Hero, on the other hand, is worth the cost. It has only been about 3 days but I still feel drawn to it. Hopefully, support for developers (good or bad) is a good thing as it gives them a reason to crank out better apps, hopefully.


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