RIM’s Success Due To Carriers Or The iPhone?

TheoryofevolutionSince RIM announced their amazing results this quarter I have been hearing so many different stories as to why. These stories range from the logical to the downright fanciful. One news source even blamed it on a chronic BlackBerry addiction sweeping the nation.

My two favorites are the iPhone theory and the carrier theory.

The iPhone theory, repeated by abcnews, states that the iPhone brought quite a bit of attention to smartphones and RIM is benefiting from it. This sounds like something I made up but it seems to have a grain of truth.

The more likely story was related on TheStreet.com by Priya Ganapati. RIM has embraced wireless carriers and forged great partnerships (except for India). They make the carriers quite a bit of money with the high rate plans and addicted users. Once again even this theory is tied to the iPhone due to the fact that they compare RIM’s embracement of carriers to Apple’s take it or leave it approach.

I just thought I would share the second one because the iPhone theory was really starting to get on my nerves.

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