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BlackBerry OS 4.5 Screenshots – Part VIII – Camera

I know I already covered the media player and video recorder but I completely forgot about the camera. My bad. The truth is that other than one great new feature most of the changes to the camera are cosmetic. Read below to see what that great new feature is

You now have 1–5x digital zoom. I don’t know if this was in OS 4.3 but you can scroll up and down with the trackball to zoom in and out.


Once you take the picture the screens have changed a little but you more or less have the same options.


There is a nice menu option to switch back and forth between the video camera and the camera. You hit the options to get to the new option. Do you see it?


Yes you saw it correctly. The new OS natively supports GeoTagging with your GPS enabled BlackBerry or Bluetooth puck. I have tried it a few times and it works like a charm with the EXIF data.


I also noticed some color effects and white balance modes I had not seen before. Could be they were there before.


Don’t worry we will continue to cover the rest of OS 4.5

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  1. My wife’s 8130 Pearl with 4.3 has digital zoom.

  2. What about the white balance and color effects? Thanks for the heads up David!

  3. Yes, white balance and color effect are present in 4.3 with the same selectable options. Zoom is also, 1x, 3x and 5x in 4.3.

    New in the screen shots you posted are the viewfinder option and the geotagging option.

  4. Zoom doesn’t really zoom, you just get a smaller cropped picture of the same thing you’d get if you took the picture normally… it’s a joke.

    The lighting options are horrible too, and you can take a picture with each of them and compare if you don’t beleive me. They are not that noticeable, but perhaps the nighttime mode is the most effective

  5. I really wish we could disable the zoom. Like Wegmans said, I prefer to take a full-res picture and crop it at home with image editing tools. The zoom gets in the way because sometimes I’ll move the trackball by accident and activate the zoom. Bad.
    Maybe you want to take a smaller picture to send through e-mail or something, but then you could just change the resolution. I wish there was a keyboard shortcut to change resolution, and white balance too.

  6. Just a comment on the Geotagging aspect of this .. OS 4.5 works great, adds coords to pics, works great with Picasa (it reads the coords and you can view in Google Earth) .. a GREAT addition from 4.3 !! Good work BB !!

  7. When does 4.5 hit þhe streets I see rumors of a beta floating around. Does anyone know about the release date of

  8. I already have th new software 4.5 on my bb…workin great!!! tube is working although quality is pretty bad. Voice notes and documents to go were also added. It was a nice phone facelift. And I love it!

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