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T-Mobile 8120 Coming April 14th – Register to Win One

T-Mobile and RIM finally came out of the closet and announced the release of the 8120 with WiFi. Not much else is new but it is the Pearl 2. The cool part about the whole release is the chance to win one of over 1,000 BlackBerry 8120s just by registering at this link. Winners are supposed to be announced May 6th.


You can find the Pearl 8120 on T-Mobiles website at this link but it is not available for preorder yet. You can check out their cool pre-release site here.

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  1. I won one!

  2. Dang…. I never win. but thanks for the update I had set it in my phone to remind me to check on the 6th. But forgot the website. Congrats to the lucky ones.

  3. I also received a call saying I won one!
    The strange thing is I never received an email or confirmation or anything..

    have any of you received your phone yet?

  4. Congrats everybody. So far I have counted 11 winners from BerryReview. Everybody seems to be notified differently. Some are getting phone calls, emails, or even letters from one guy. Has anybody received the device yet?

  5. I won a new pearl and have been waiting patiently to receive it in the mail. I had an e-mail sent to me both telling me I won and confirming my address…

    Has anyone gotten their phone yet?!!!???!??

  6. I think I said in the other thread I was told “up to 30 days to arrive” when I called in and verified my address. I never got an email even though I gave a valid email when I enrolled. Haven’t received mine yet either. Had a UPS delivery today, but it turned out to just be work stuff. 🙁

  7. So just a question for those that had a phone number or email address to reply to, Where is our phones then? Some us just got the phone call but had no other means of contact from them just asking whats up with that? Hate to rain on the parade but this sounds like______!!!!

  8. Follow the links from above back through prior post and then back to the contest site. From there you can read the terms and conditions. I was told arrival would be “within 30 days”. I believe (I don’t enable javascript enabled so I can’t go there from my bb) the t and c says that too, and says this contest was sponsored by RIM.

    Wow, I’ve never seen people so up in arms and in such a hurry for something they’re getting totally free and clear with no strings attached! People really think this is all just some big scam to harvest addresses and phone numbers???

  9. Hmm…I’m hoping they are coming this week…
    i cannot wait to get the new pearl. 🙂

  10. My 8120 just arrived today 5/27/08 @ 13:45 EDT. It’s in a T-Mobile box.

  11. What state are you in DavidB?

    I’m wondering if mine will also be coming shortly!


  12. Virginia. And UPS didn’t make us sign for delivery despite what I was told when I verified my address a couple weeks back. The package arrived from “Group II Communications” of Franklin WI 414-425-2080.

    The seal on the blackberry box inside was cut already when I opened the package but it appears complete. It is the graphite/grey color, and device itself is definitely TMO branded. Have not powered it up. Lots of stuff in the box including a TMO sim card.

  13. Ahh, I’ll probably have to wait a bit longer… I’m on the other side of the country in new mexico :\

    Its nice to hear that people are receiving the phones!

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