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One converted, 10 000 000 to GO !!!

My 14 year old daughter’s iPhone had to go in for repair (and a software upgrade) today. For a replacement, I lent her one of my old BlackBerries.(8300 Curve). She greeted me when I got home from work today with, “I LOVE BlackBerries”. I was lost for words. I thought the iPhone would win out any day over a BlackBerry in a popularity contest in that age demographic.
Her reasoning… The Curve is heaps easier to text on, the profiles are easier to change, and the whole OS more intuitive.
Well that’s one convert. (As she is positive she will not be giving it back).
It’s changed my thinking a little as I really didn’t think the Bb stacked up in the teenager market place. Maybe RIM does stand a chance after all…

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  1. Awesome leave it to a 14 year old to explain it for the rest of the world 🙂 I got my Blackberry Pearl 8130 today, im so giddy like a child on Christmas.

  2. If she wants a “girly theme” let me know…we have TONS on

  3. Hi, yes your daughter is correct!! I am 17 and absolutely LOVE my Curve! It’s has sooo much options to have fun with! One thing is themes and apps! I am a addict to making themes! Even though I love the explorer theme from Bplay. I love testing betas and the the whole real keyboard, endless options.. Soo that makes 2

  4. The new BB 9000 is making a lot of people think that RIM are trying to copy the iPhone. Maybe they are, and that would be a huge mistake, like TGI Friday’s ever trying to copy MacDonald’s. Each one caters to a very different kind of customer.
    That’s also why I oppose touch screens. No matter how much noise the iPhone makes in the gadget scene, there’ll always be a big audience that wants true Blackberries. Summing up, RIM should not listen to pundits. Instead, they should always put more emphasis on typical Blackberry traits and keep that faithful user base happy.
    Of course, they had better read Blackberry blogs and comments. 🙂

  5. Also consider that the iPhone has not even been officially released in Australia yet. (I think the ‘WoW’ factor has worn off)

  6. You would be surprised how many teenagers are loving the crackberries. I work for a major cellphone retail outlet and we sell a lot of curves and pearl flips to teenagers (mommy n daddy sign of course). They love the text input and the whole facebook thing built right into the OS.

  7. My daughter has now commandeered my Storm (no great loss). Again, she loves it… Thanks for the feedback Chris.

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