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Jott BlackBerry Application Is Back! Reply To Email With Your Voice

JOTTbb_screen3The Jott application that was yanked offline earlier this month is back! Supposedly it is now better than ever… So you have to be asking yourself what exactly does the client do. I will let Jott speak for itself:

We have a lot of happy Blackberry customers at Jott, and Jott for BlackBerry is the ultimate BlackBerry download. It is a simple, but very powerful tool that will let you reply to emails on your BlackBerry just using your voice – either speaking directly into your BlackBerry, or while wearing a Bluetooth headset. It is seamlessly integrated into the email application you already use, and is a huge leap forward for BlackBerry lovers in three ways: first, it is 3-5 times faster than ‘thumbing’ text; two, you won’t be known for sending just terse replies because you don’t want to thumb type out a normal email message; and three, you will be safer because you won’t have to take your eyes off the road.*

 (*Jott does NOT encourage messaging while driving).

Better yet the application is free and works with the 8100, 8300, & 8800 series BlackBerrys. You can pick up your copy by going to from your BlackBerry. Or you can visit the same link from your desktop to read more.

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  1. Wow!! I just tried this! This in combination with Google’s GrandCentral which I control from my BB Browser, makes my BlackBerry even more kick ass then I could ever have imagined. The review here does not give Jott justice, as it does so much more than the reviewer writes. Try it yourself. Again, wow wow wow!

  2. Update: I wrote my comment after trying Jott but before installing the BB app on my 8320. It installed, but I couldn’t find it. Applications list shows it, but my home screen or any folder doesn’t contain it.

    It actually only shows up when you click Menu on any e-mail and then you can Reply with Jott. Just wanted to post my initial confusion so others don’t think it’s missing like I did.

  3. “Jott is currently only available to US and Canadian subscribers.”
    First you need to register with an e-mail address, which must be validated. THEN you are informed that you need to register with your phone number too. Which must also be validated by calling a certain phone number with caller id not blocked. Plenty of effort to make sure you’re not trying to cheat, i.e. use it from another country.
    I can only wonder why they can’t specify that in the or pages. Reading the FAQ, one can suspect that “Jott is currently only available to US and Canadian subscribers”, but it is not stated clearly. What a waste of my time.
    Now I’m dying to see someone test this thing and let us know how accurate their speech recognition really is. Screw this Jott thing. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I know that people understand very clearly the MP3 messages I send them with VR+, which can record and send voice messages in any language whatsoever provided both the recipient and I speak that language, and my recipients have excellent speech recognition abilities.

  4. I have tried it several time and the vr is spot on. Very nice!

  5. I’m with Luciano ES. Read the fine print, people. This is bogus “speech recognition” — basically cheap labor in India is listening to your 30-second message and transcribing it. Avoid!

  6. @Berry Jerry, I am writing about this topic and just went back to that site to check on Jott Networks and couldn’t find anything “suspicious” about it. It looks like a company in very good standing, although I am not so sure about the quality of the service. What do you mean with “fine print”? Can you please direct me to the relevant information?
    @Nikolaus, still using it? Still loving it?

  7. I am still enjoying it, thanks Luciano.

  8. I have tried it several time and the vr is spot on

  9. hi there,
    i dont think so. i mean “vr” can not be the first spot on.

  10. thanks for share

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