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BlackBerry OS 4.5 Screenshots – Part III – Word To Go

This has been a longtime feature that many people have been waiting for. Documents To Go for BlackBerry in OS 4.5. It allows you to open Word and Powerpoint files. The problem is that you need to upgrade to a “premium” version to be able to create and I think edit files. Pain in the @$$ I guess RIM has given up trying to compete with Windows Mobile Office suite that comes Free with those devices! They just found another profit center.

Well both DataViz and RIM have been dragging their heels for too long. I guess for now we will just have to live with some more screenshots I just took of the features. The thing to keep in mind is that in the pictures below if you see a menu item with an Asterisks (*) by it then you need to pay for the premium version to use it.

The opening screen of Word To Go. Yes you can open files from your SD card!!!


Notice the new folder in the SD card folder structure named documents


Above you can see the two test documents I had in place. Notice the fact that one of them is a .docx file from Office 2007. I had to try it out. You can see the error you get when you try to open office 2007 files below. The second image is the loading screen if you open a 97–2003 Office file.


You then get shown the file with images and all. The file you see below is just the BerryReview website copied and pasted into a document. Pretty cool…


If you hit the menu button you get


Yes you did see that correctly. It says Edit Mode. You can now edit files as you see below. Also notice all the menu items with asterisks next to them. Those are only available in the premium version. You can edit and save files.


When you are editing you can go to the format menu button and get the basic formating options. Once again notice all the cut out features in the standard vs premium version. You can also see that the insert and table features in the main menu are cut out in the standard version.


Notice the switch input language menu button. You can write documents in different languages!!! Also after you close the file it will show up in a recent documents list on the main screen of Word To Go.


Thats all for Word To Go for now. Let me know if you want more. Next stop is Powerpoint copy “Slideshow to go”

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  1. nice post, i’m from Brazil and a BerryReview reader, good job guys!

    Well, where can i get the 4.5 OS ? I have a 8800 and 8700 device can I upgrade both with 4.5 OS?


  2. u have any idea when this 4.5 update be available for att n I have the 8310 device

  3. Mo just a secret. These screenshots were taken on an AT&T 8310 with OS 4.5

  4. Can you post how YT looks, BB Maps and BB Messenger…

  5. Great series and great shots, Ronen. But where is Excel spreadsheet support???

  6. I have a cheat!!! Save a blank document, type on Blackberry, or whatever you’re running WTG on, then SAVE AS different name. Voila! I do it all the time…..

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