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Weigh In On The “Top 5 Worst Companies To Work For”

I was just reading an article on titled “Top 5 Worst Companies To Work For.” While I know a few companies that would make it on a list of top 30. Toni Bowers of TechRepublic seems to think the same way.

The list reads:

  • Home Depot
  • AOL
  • Best Buy
  • McDonald’s
  • Verizon

Personally it always gives me a chuckle how Verizon always manages to make it onto such lists. They are always pushing for the best service and customer service yet they don’t manage to get a handle on their own company.

As Toni points out most of these companies are the same list of companies you would never want to do business with. Have you ever tried complaining to a Verizon customer service rep? I agree with the inclusion of AOL especially taking into consideration the fact that they own Time Warner Cable.

So this warrants the question I wanted to ask. What companies do you think should be on the list of “Worst Companies To Deal With?”

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  1. EBay, EBay, EBay !!!
    I’ve been ripped by sellers on EBay 3 times. (To the tune of $900+ ea). There is just no re-coarse for buyers and EBay don’t follow up the complaints…And it is showing it their stock prices.

  2. In the UK, I worked for Sky TV for 2.5 years. I was called at the hospital as my 2 year old daughter was undergoing emergency surgery with the words ‘if your not here in an hour, your fired’.

    —* Bill

  3. AT&T is one of the worst companies to deal with. Sprint takes the cake for me however.

    Working for small IT companies with cash flow issues (which they try to hide) are the worst on the employee side.

  4. Citi. Bad policies for customers.

  5. I appreciate your opinion however, unless you have ever worked for Verizon Wireless, You really have no right to comment on how Verizon Wireless is to work for. I have worked for the company for 12 years and worked in the industry for 18 years and have had nothing but an excellent experience. As with any company there are managers that are less than desirable and things that we don’t always like to do. I challenge anyone who works for a major employer to say that they can do what they want when they want! Unless you sign your own paycheck, you have no right to talk about how a company is run! They obviously know what they are doing or they wouldn’t be the only wireless provider in the black and actually making a profit. I do not see any other provider putting cash back in to the employees like Verizon does. Regarding the morale – Verizon is split up in to Regions and I am not sure which Region you are located. I will say that I am in the South Region and the morale is the best that I have ever experienced. Yes we have had lows as we are not perfect but again unless you sign your own paycheck what right do you have to complain! Open your own business and then you can dictate how the business is run and operated!!!
    As far as your store that you were discussing for “horrible customer service”, then I challenge you to go to and report how your experience has been. Verizon Wireless prides itself in its customer service and I would guarantee that you will get results if you will just tell someone who can make a difference. They cannot fix something if they know nothing about it. Verizon Wireless has not named #1 in J.D. Power for Customer Service for the past 2 years for nothing!!

  6. Kelly is full of crap! Verizon Wireless is the worst company around to work for!
    Lazy management, late paychecks, hostile work enviroments. “sick” buildings, these are just a few of the problems with Verizon Wireless.
    They constantly brag about being the number one place to work for single mothers but I have personaly witnessed numerous single moms fired for taking care of thier sick children and the only response they get is “well metlife did not approve your childs illness”.
    First in customer service my azz! I personaly can tell you in all honesty the company ties the hands of the employees in resolving customer issues to avoid losing money.
    The only people that enjoy working for Verizon Wireless are the managers and HR staff who basicly do nothing all day except attend useless meetings where they drink free coffee and sodas and eat free food.
    There is so many supervisors manager VP’s and directors its almost a 2-1 ratios of managers to employees full of nothing but bureaucracy and dead ends.
    If you want to waste 5 years of your life and be sorry you did so go work for them.

    • Working for Verizon has been a pleasure. I’ve been there over a year and the people I work with are the most professional group I’ve had the pleasure of working with. To VZW employee, Metlife must have had a reason to deny your claim. If not, complain about Metlife maybe, but not VZW. Paychecks aren’t late or delayed on a regular basis unless you don’t check to make sure your own time is submitted and approved, which is your responsibility.

      • Verizon wireless is a greedy corporate giant. I’ve worked for them for 4 years and can’t wait to get another job. Don’t believe it for a second that they care about you as an employee – they will do anything to save money. You mean nothing to them. Director’s get bonuses to show high profit margins, and that means cutting employee costs and not taking care of customers.

        Anyone who thinks a corporation “cares” about them is a blinded tool. Especially fat wireless companies like Verizon.

  7. I didn’t realize it was that bad…

  8. In general Companies could care less about customer service once they get your money. It gets worse every year, now with the Economy down the toilet. Companies use fraudulent, deceptive and out right illegal practices to steal from the consumer. Oh and if they get caught they pay attorneys and drag it out in litigation for years. In the end the consumer will get a coupon for a nominal sum for discount off of the fraudulent company’s products. Hey America is the land of opportunity right?

  9. I would like to add Cartridgeworld in Lakewood WA as one of the worst companies to work for. No training, when you ask for training the boss tells you that you will have to wait until her spouse gets back, then when you leave, you have to wait an entire month to get your paycheck which is only 3/4 of the hours you worked and the pay is reduced to minimum wage. When you contact them to ask for your check you are told that it is an employers state and they can basically do whatever they want. I was also asked why I was having such “angst” over getting my paycheck!!

  10. Worst place to work for is Value village.

  11. BE WARNED if you decide to answer a job ad for Loomis. They are constantly hiring due to high employee turnover. I knew it wasn’t a good company when I started, when you have to wait 6 months for bare bones benefits and the pay scale is 25 cents a year raise you get a clue. Even when I saw driver/guards being encouraged or even right out told to work off the clock it didn’t sink in. When I was cheated out of holiday pay by an incompetent/crooked payroll clerk (not sure which she is) I was angry but let it go. Then today on the last half of my last day of my two week notice they inform me that I have forfeited my two weeks vacation by not completing 24 months of employment(I’ve only been there 22 months). I told them almost a year ago that I was going to school and would be looking for other employment when completed. I told them when school was finished and I was looking for other employment. I gave them more than two weeks notice. Not only did not one management person bother to tell me but the one person that did was a “union rep”. Only about 11 employees are actually in the union at this branch and they are wasting their money.

  12. Verizon Wireless is a garbage company.

  13. I worked for a company called Menusoft Systems, my direct supervisor told me that I could no longer take coffee breaks with my black female co-workers. I complained about this to the Human Rights Commision and they fired me.

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