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ROVE Mobile File Manager (FTP) & Mobile Viewer Now Free!!!

RoveMobilefileManager_FeaturesI just got an email from ROVE that two of their cool products are now free!!! This is a really hot development. I guess ROVE felt they could build up some hype for their brand with some free products.

First of all ROVE Mobile File Manager is basically a file client for your BlackBerry. Mobile File Manager supports Windows File Sharing, WebDAV, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure FTP (SFTP) connections. Pretty hot stuff especially for a free product!

The second product ROVE Mobile Viewer allows you to broadcast the screen of your BlackBerry onto a computer screen for demonstrations and such. ROVE seems to be hoping that companies will use the software to demo BlackBerry software for presentations or screenshots.

You can pick up the programs from the links below:

ROVE Mobile File Manager
ROVE Mobile Viewer

You can pick up the file manager OTA from

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  1. Wow wow wow! I haven’t been able to use the file viewer yet to delete the files from my 8320 I never use (MyFav5, etc…) to create more memory, but the Desktop Viewer is really cool. Awesome that I can now create a video of my BB screen to share with other’s I know how to do thinks on their Blackberries (i.e. by brothers who have blackberries but no intellect to use them)

  2. Wow, who would have thunk? I was considering purchasing Beiks’ FTP app, but couldn’t make it work (probably yet another BIS problem). Now, this. I have no time to test the FTP now, but I had to come back running and comment on the ROVE Mobile File Manager’s ability to open and edit(!) text files in my media card. I’ve always wanted that. Yay!
    Rove, why don’t you make a premium version that can at least *read* big txt files (like 400Kb or more) and provide decent plain text e-book navigation and data manipulation? I would buy it!
    Hum, it seems I can’t connect to my FTP with Rove either… 🙁

  3. Mobile File Manager is a great product! This coming from someone who paid for it. Too bad I couldn’t hold out about 7 months ago. Haha. SFTP, DAV, and the ability to copy from remote to card were worth paying for. Even if you don’t need to access remote file servers, being able to have a decent file manager just for manipulating internal card and device memory files fills a hole the BB OS was missing. I’m surprised RIM didn’t include any sort of file manager when they implemented external card access. It’s like giving you a nice high-end stove/oven but not giving you any pots, pans, or cooking utensils!

  4. Right after the release of BEIKS’ free FTP app, BlackBerry users are getting another, and more besides: Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer are now available from Rove Mobile free of charge.

  5. Luciano, we are considering increasing the maximum file size that you can open, right now it’s mostly because of memory limitations on the BlackBerry device, opening too large files will crash the device and we don’t want that to happen.

    As for your FTP problems, it’s probably just a port issue, to use FTP you must use a TCP or BES connection, BIS will not work because the FTP port is blocked. You can contact our support team and they can help you troubleshoot how to get it working:

  6. Thanks for your reply, Paul. Very kind.

  7. I downloaded the Mobile File Manager FTP application just days before it was discontinued. I didn’t think I would want the Mobile Viewer application until just days AFTER it was discontinued. ARgh! If anyone has the Mobile Viewer application please email it to me at davidlopez872 at [that email provider that google runs]

  8. UPDATE* You can download the Rove Mobile Viewer Software for BlackBerry FREE from

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