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Free BlackBerry Today Plus Theme For BlackBerry 8300

Okay I am going to need some help with this theme. I remember seeing it on a few times since it just showed up earlier this month. I just am not sure which devices the theme is available for since RIM does not tell you outright. I have checked and it worked with an 8300 but I am not sure about the 8100, 8700, or 8800 series devices.


The today plus theme is actually one that people have been asking for since it showed up on certain 8100 series devices. The idea of a today plus theme is that it has both a Today screen and if you scroll right you get a Zen Menu. Pretty cool if I may say so myself.

The theme has a real crappy background so I changed it to something I like better. The only major complaint I had with the theme is that the top bar has white text and the today screen items have gray text which makes choosing a background very difficult. Since a dark one would make the today section hard to read and a light one would make the title bar hard to read.


Otherwise the theme is quite nifty and I am currently using it. The Zen menu bar just shows the top 5 icons in your homescreen so you can change them around. The other thing you will notice is that when you activate the theme it will automatically hide quite a few icons such as you messages icon and profiles icon. You just need to un-hide them by clicking menu>show all. I can’t wait until developers get their hands on a template that will allow them to create themes like this one.

You can pick up the theme for free by going to from your BlackBerry browser. You then click on the new themes available link under the “What’s Hot” title and accept the agreement. The Today Plus theme will show up in the next page for download.

Please let us know if you find that the theme is compatible with more devices.

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  1. I have the 8820 and it works great on it ….

  2. I have the 8830, works great…..looks best with with a dark background

  3. What application is the greater/less than symbol on the yellow background icon?

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Nathan that application is the simulsays blackberry application for their voicemail transcription service. Expect a glowing review soon. The service is awesome yet expensive

  5. I have the 8130 and can’t find it, so outta luck on pearls

  6. is there any way someone could download this theme then host the files so that non bis/bes users can have access to this? thanks! 🙂

  7. The theme is great, but apparently is not available for 8100 Pearl. Is not fair! I used to have it, but my device was swapped when they removed it from

  8. I use it every day on my VZW 8830.

    Tried from my wife’s VZW 8130 and no joy. She prefers the ‘Today L’ theme anyway.

  9. I’ve had it a while now on my 8320.

    I like the combo today-zen style, but I’ve got so many other themes I rarely use it. Hope it’s available for developers to use soon. ;^)

  10. Yeah, I’m not finding it either. Tried to download it using my 8310 and 8800 on rogers, and I’m outta luck 🙁 seems it was available before, but not now

  11. I just checked the Blackberry website and found Today Plus and 3 other themes under the “What’s Hot” title. The link is called “New themes available”.

  12. found this link for a direct link, type in browser and will allow you to download, worked on 8130 alltel pearl

  13. is there a today plus theme for the 8130 pearl. I want it to be the same as the 8830 at the top of this string.
    I know there is this one×260.jad

    but I want one that has the icons on the right side NOT at the bottom.

  14. you go. some deductive reasoning and viola
    8130 zen today plus theme..
    everyone keeps saying go to for ya..depending on your carrier, you are limited to what you see..lame i know…
    after hours and hours of searching to no just came to me to try changing the screen dimensions in the link..

  15. I don’t see this theme as a download via mobile.blackberry only aqua and pink…I am running a beta of 4.5 is that why?

  16. I just upgraded to os on my 8300. If I perform a battery pull or soft reboot, the icon arrangements I’ve made onthe home screen (that drive the Zen Menu) are lost, and the icons revert back to the original arrangement. Is this a compatibility issue because this theme was designed for 4.2 or lower os? Is there a way to correct this? Thanks.

  17. Where has the BlackBerry Today Plus Theme For BlackBerry 8300 been moved to? I can’t find new themes available link under the “What’s Hot” title.

  18. I found the ota link for this theme:

    I installed it, and it works on my 8320 OS 4.5. If someone could find the today plus with the bar at the bottom instead of the right, I would appreciate it!

  19. I also used the today plus theme referred to above on my 8310 which became faulty and was replaced. now I have difficulty getting it again. Unfortunately the mobile.blackberry website is not as described above. there is no “What’s Hot” and no themes on the site itself. under themes I get redirected to another site…

    any help?

    • Yes, the themes haven’t been visible for a while. Check my post above for the direct OTA link. I’ve reinstalled it a month ago, so the link should still be good.

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