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Weather Eye – Free Weather Application By The Weather Network

While there is always the free BBweather, BBsync reminded me about another free application called WeatherEye to get your weather fix. The application is free but the downside is that it is ad supported so there will be cute little ads on the bottom of your weather.


Check out the screenshots below and above


The cool feature is that it changes the icon on your homescreen based on the current forecast. Pretty nifty! Personally I still recommend BBweather but WeatherEye is worth a mention. For some reason the short term forecast does not work only the long term. Also the long term forecast only lets you see 5 days unlike BBweather which lets you see up to 10.

You can pick up WeatherEye free OTA at this link.

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  1. Uhh… it’s Canada only…

  2. Weatherbug is the reason I uninstalled BBWeather:

  3. Ben it works just fine in New york. Where did you try to set it up?

  4. Rainbow City, Alabama, USA (zip: 35906)

  5. I use Viigo and added a weather feed for my area. No need to add any extra apps.

  6. I tried Weatherbug, BBweather, and Weather Eye just now.
    Weatherbug is a nice icon with the temp that launches the BB Browser.
    BBweather locked up my 8320 every time I launched it. Maybe I did something wrong.
    Weather Eye was the nicest of the three that I was able to use. The ads don’t bother me so much as the short term forecast not working.
    So I decided to keep Weather Eye for now and remove the other 2 to save device memory. Maybe I can get BBweather to work later.

  7. I am a BB weather user, i like it but i fell pretty quickly for Weather Eye, like most people, the fact that SHORT TERM forecast doesn’t work irritates me. I would personally put it above BB weather if it could handle this issue. Im really not into the weather feeds from Viigo for some reason, i’m not really sure why that is. Weatherbug just doesn’t do it for me either, so until someone can knock off BBweather (i.e. weather eye getting short term to work) it is the undisputed champion for weather on a BB in my opinion.

    p.s. i hope someone figures out how to fix short term and posts it on here!

  8. Ron, BBweather locks up my 8300 too.

    The problem with these weather apps is that they never include my city, although weather info about it is available on the Web, at and . The pages are ugly, but that’s where the information is, so I end up using the browser instead.

    If you live in a major city, then you don’t need Weather Eye or any of these other apps. Go to the Blackberry home page and click the “Weather push” link. You get forecasts from AccuWeather and The Weather Network. These don’t include my city either, but they include major cities and put an icon on your home screen that changes according to the current weather/forecast. These are not applications, they’re just Web links, so that’ll save you some device memory. Weather Eye uses more than 200Kb. That’s too much.

  9. What I’d like to see is an app that includes live animated weather radar. Websites are slow and the images are too small and unreadable to me.

  10. Short-term forecasts have been working the last few days. Yeah!

  11. WeatherEye just came out with version 1.0.21. While I don’t see any UI changes, it seemed a bit faster maybe. I admit that “sometimes” the long or short term forecasts don’t work, but a few minutes later you’ll see the server has updated and it’s there.

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