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While the Boss is out…


As you have probably all noticed, there has been a lack of articles from Ronen over the last 24 hours or so. Now I don’t want you all to worry but he is undergoing a radical new type of surgery that will replace a part of his body with a BlackBerry. The part of his body being replaced ??? Well that guess is up to you. Drop a funny comment below and when the boss gets back, we will hook up the best one with a sweet theme or something… (I don’t know what yet, but find something for you)

This is great…”Now I have a ‘Post Button’…HoHoHo”. Finally, I can post up without taking the final draft through the editor. I can see Ronen’s lawyer having a heart attack right now.

Seriously though, Ronen has gone into hospital to have his ‘wisdom’ removed. (Just a thought,           If an American has their ‘wisdom’ removed, does that make them a Canadian or an Australian ? Just Joking Guys :)…’That’s if they have ‘wisdom’ added’…Ok, Ok, I’ll stop now before I get myself in even deeper. “He has gone to get a wisdom tooth removed”.  He should be back on deck within the next couple of days so between now and then, Luciano and myself will do our best to keep the spirit alive. And Don’t forget to drop your comment below for your chance to win a sweet theme. The funniest suggestion and reason why wins. Go for it guys.


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  1. Well it’s quite obvious really…he’s getting his brain replaced with a blackberry…I mean it’s how he functions on a daily basis..non blackberry users have their brain..blackberry users have their blackberry..only makes sense to pull that lump of nothing out and replace it with a blackberry..he’s gonna bounce back more efficiant then ever lol

  2. There was an unyielding memory leak in his wisdom, so he had the wisdom removed. Wisdom can be trouble.

  3. Its Thumb Replacement Surgery!

    Based on the Six Million Dollar Man…

    Ronen Halevy…BerryReview Editor..A Man barely capable of texting with normal thumbs…

    “Gentlemen..we can rebuild him…We have the technology…We have the capability to make the world’s first Bionic Texting Thumbs…Ronen will be that man…More accurate than what he was before, Faster….stronger”

  4. The Blackberry will replace his black berry. 😉

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