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The long arm of the law gets thumbs

leslie_nielsen.jpg“You have the right to remain silent” could get a whole new meaning. Especially for Lieutenant Frank Drebin, who always has his Blackberry set on vibrate. 🙂

I just read a quick article about cops being equipped with Blackberries and now I wonder if this is really news. It sounds like an obvious idea to me, but maybe having civil service use equipment from such specific providers like RIM isn’t that easy, so it took a while to happen. I know the cost and bureaucracy would render such an idea impossible in Brazil.

The application is called… PocketCop 3.5. Of course it’s an obvious name, they didn’t really have much choice, did they? 🙂

BIO-Key International announced today a new application for BlackBerry smartphones called PocketCop 3.5. The application allows officers to get information directly from the department’s computer-aided dispatching system and allows the officers to send updates directly to the dispatch system in return. PocketCop can be deployed over-the-air and updates are applied automatically. The PocketCop system is scanner proof as well keeping criminals who may be listening to a police scanner in the dark until officers are ready to make themselves known.

Some detailed and interesting information here.


Does that mean cops will let go of donuts and get addicted to Blackberries now? Anyway, when I see this picture of Detective Olivia Benson and look at that belt I always think “Blackberry”. Don’t you? 😉

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  1. I’m an officer and we have Blackberries, but more to keep up on the County emails and police distribution lists. Despite the tired doughnut jokes, using that program would be great for encountering subjects while on foot patrol and running their backgrounds. This would save a lot of radio traffic and if there are other officers inquiring from around the County, I wouldn’t have to wait for the dispatcher to finally get to me.

  2. I actually got apprehensive about the donuts joke. But aren’t we just as tired of “Crackberry” jokes? I hope I didn’t offend any cops with my joke, I’m just trying to entertain the audience a little while Ronen is away. I think I am better at writing reviews. 😉
    I really appreciate the details you provided. Is there *any* kind of professional who doesn’t benefit from a Blackberry these days?
    I just added another link with more information (and screenshots) on PocketCop. Check that out.

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