In-Call Advertising – Is It Still Feasible?


A couple of years ago now, I heard a rumour that mobile (cell) phone carriers were going to introduce advertising during phone calls.
Now before you ring and nuke your company (or me), this has not happened as far as I’m aware. But the interesting part was in the details. Just hear me out, then feel free to comment to your hearts content…
It was going to be done as a trade off, ie; All calls that included advertising were free. The idea was that you would have to sign a deal/contract with you cell phone company (as per normal), then sign an agreement that the carrier was allowed to interrupt your calls to the tune of 10 seconds out of every 60 seconds to play an advert over the phone (to both parties). The trade off was to be that your calls would be free of charge, any time, any where, any length.
I can put the fact that this never got off the ground to the prolific use of voip systems these days. However, I think that if all parties agree, there would still be a call for this type of deal. It wouldn’t be much good as a business or company phone but I’m sure any teenager wouldn’t mind having the likes of a MacDonalds advert jammed down their throat once a minute if it meant free calls.
Well there you go…What do you think ???
Let the debate begin…

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  1. Don’t know about you but my phone time is ABSOLUTELY my private time between me and someone else and I would pay for my phone calls just to ensure my privacy. Hey wait, I’m doing exactly that now. =)

    What’s next?! Companies are going to start plastering ads and billboards on your front door? Well, only if they are willing to pay my mortgage, I guess I would be ok with that.


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