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Giveaway! 2 Copies Of Linux (Xubuntu) Theme Free

Here is your chance to win a copy of the new Linux (Xubuntu) style theme we mentioned yesterday. As promised the author, Scott, has kindly offered to give a copy to two lucky readers. The theme is very slick so I hope you enjoy. You can see more about the theme on our original post.

Here are some screenshots of the theme:


What you have to do to be eligible to win:

Post a comment to this post with the nickname of your BlackBerry. If you don’t have one make one up, just please don’t call it crackberry! You can post as many comments as you want but only the best will be held for consideration. We will judge the nicknames based on originality and a couple of other proprietary algorithms. (Mostly based on whether they make us laugh)

Get your comment in by 11:59PM on Thursday March 20th 2008 to be eligible. We will post the two winners (hopefully) next Friday March 21st. If all does not go well we reserve the right to reserve the right to substitute any prize for a screenshot of a clapping monkey or nothing at all. (Sorry it has been a long night)

The theme is only available for the 7100, 8100, 8300, 8700, & 8800 series devices. You will get the theme in Zen, Icon, or Today style only. The install will be available OTA. You will also have to abide by the authors terms of use which mostly state that you are not allowed to share the theme with others.

So hit us with your best shot…

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  1. Red Lusty 8300

    Gimmie now!

  2. Little Louie

    aka Louie Sweats
    aks Louie the Sponge

  3. My Berry’s Nickname is “Brain” lol

  4. I call mine..Curvacious

  5. Mine is called my ‘mistress’ by my better half.

  6. My red curve’s name is Ruby.

  7. Berry Master Flash 8000!!!!!


  8. I call my 8310 Curve “HAL”

  9. My Curve is supreme. She rules. Therefore I call her…Goddess.

  10. My BB Curve 8320’s name is “Brain” My wife calls it “The Brain”. Everytime either of us needs to look something up she says, “Well, Ask the brain!”.

    She’s got the Pearl 8100.

  11. I call mine Sancho since I spend as much time on it as I do with the hubby!

  12. I primarily use my Pearl to schedule train rides for my friends who visit me in DC.

    “Pearl 9”

  13. “the wife” is what my girlfriend calls it, she says i’m more committed to it than her.

  14. I have an 8800 and she my Black Momma”

  15. I have an 8800 and she my “Black Momma”

  16. I could use one for my 8130

  17. Since I bought my Curve on Super Bowl sunday, I call it “T.D. Berry” but it’s full name is “Tricky Dick Berry.”

  18. From day one, it has been my “Ball & Chain.” My bosses (both the daytime and nighttime ones) agree, so it has stuck.

    “Don’t forget your Ball & Chain!”

  19. I call my pearl cherry-berry since is the best phone I ever had and it gives me more than I expected in a sweet manner.

  20. I call my pearl “my wonder” since it helps me to be organized, get information in a flash and is the best device I have had, ever.

  21. I call my 8300 “Phantom Buzz” because I feel it go off when it didn’t.

  22. My red 8830 is known as Big Red

  23. Keep em coming! The explanations are half the fun

    My wife just calls it “Bozo” as in Bozo the clown. She thought the Telenav GPS voice sounded like a clown and the name stuck

  24. Well, I want to call him “Chuck”, but he keeps rolling himself in Swarovski crystals and insisting I call him “Susan”.

  25. i call my crimson 8310 ‘whoreberry’ cuz of it beauty and addictive multifunctions

  26. My sexy little Pearl’s name is HalleBerry.

  27. Mine is Jimmy Legs. 🙂

  28. I feel the themes look GREAT! I like thetodayt theme the BEST. I works great with my @ddiction to my Blackberry; especially when I use Linux for my personal use. My Blackberry is called “Crackberry” because it is so @ddicting… I never put it down. I think that I might have to go to REHAB! :-O

  29. I feel the themes look GREAT! I like the today theme the BEST. I works great with my @ddiction to my Blackberry; especially when I use Linux for my personal use. My Blackberry is called “Crackberry” because it is so @ddicting… I never put it down. I think that I might have to go to REHAB! :-O

  30. I call mine MOTHER. It’s more a reference to Alien’s ship computer than Norman Bates– although sometimes I am a tad overprotective of and psycho about her. =) I’m constantly checking with MOTHER on a daily basis.

  31. My 8800 is named Monolith. As it brings unknown intelligence to lowly ape-men like myself.

  32. The other day my girlfriend asked for some jewelery for her birthday. I told her I would love to give her a nice pearl necklace. Zzziiippp. It wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. So I handed over an old 8100 and told her I’m trading up to a new model.

    “Pearl Necklace”

  33. HoodBerry 83×100

  34. 24-hour vibrating tether

  35. Last call for entering the contest! The winners will be chosen today!


  36. My Wife’s 8100’s nickname is “La Perla” to match her lingerie…lol…sometimes she even wears the damn thing to bed…lol

  37. “macchio” as in ralph macchio, a.k.a the karate kid

    great theme, better blog!


  38. I have two Berries, so two nicknames: Iggy and Ziggy2. But the story’s a little convoluted:

    I named my first 8830 from VZW after Ziggy from the Quantum Leap series. What couldn’t that “little” handheld do on that show? Personally, I think Ziggy was a futuristic pimped-out Blackberry, but that’s just a theory of mine…

    Anyway, since my Berry could do almost anything, the name seemed like a natural fit. After I dumped VZW for T-Mo, I decided to name my Curve “Iggy” as an homage. Then…my place of employment gave me an 8830 from…you guessed it, Verizon. So I named that one Ziggy2 (in honor of the 8830 I had to return to VZW when I jumped ship).

    So that’s the story of the two nicknames.

  39. I call mine PimpBerry.

  40. My Curve 8110 is called: Liger… its a Lion with a Tiger 😉

    sounds familer to “Léger” in french, which means “casual” 😉


  41. Sry, didnt mean Curve. I has a Pearl ;D

  42. i call my silver curve “titanium cranium”

  43. My BB nickname is 8320. LOL.

  44. my VZ 8830 is “MattBerry”

  45. “TaserBerry” just a small joke with the guys at work. I work for a sheriff’s office and whenever someone asks me a question I usually “draw” BlackBerry before any realises it lol. A joke that just kind of stuck.

  46. i call my red pearl the red berrari, it is one with my car(i wish i had a ferrari), i use it every time as I’m driving (txting, reading articles, calling, etc), much to the dismay of my passengers 🙂

  47. I have named my Curve, ,my extended brain’. I dearly value by bb as important as any tool I use to be successful during my work day. As a police officer I take full advantage of most of ‘my extended brain’s’ features from sending intelligence pix to fellow agencies to court date reminders to memos program used for investigative notes. Thanks for letting me laud this wonderful device. Take care and God bless. Tim

  48. Winners should be posted soon. Sorry about the delay.

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