BerryTunes 2.2 Now Supports Custom Radio Stations

BerryTunes_screenshot_3I just got an email from Josep about a new release of BerryTunes. Personally I have not had a chance to try it myself but it looks pretty cool. They have spiced things up by adding support to custom online radio stations. No word that I can find on exactly what format of custom radio station they are talking about but this may get one step closer to Podcasts on your BlackBerry.

The software now also supports streaming over WiFi and using Bluetooth. There also seems to be some confusion about what devices the streaming will work well on. Personally I do not think EDGE has the consistent bandwidth necessary for streaming audio but I have been wrong before. The software also works with the new OS 4.2 8130 which is refreshing.

You can pick up a free trial (limited to 3 days or 30 plays) or a full copy from the BerryReview store for $19.99. If you do end up trying it out let me know.

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  1. Does this still have issues with EDGE/GPRS connection on 8300 series? There was a terrible shuttering and cut-outs. Does anyone know?

  2. I cant get the trial version to play through normal earbuds when it’s plugged into my BB Curve 8330. Anyone know if this works in the full version?

  3. Hello, can you please add this internet dance station under the ELECTRONIC link? I tried to add it myself and it didn’t work. I actually work for this station and they were rated the #1 dance online radio station on so it’s very widely listened to. is the site. Thank you!

  4. Does the radio use cell minutes? Or does this just go over the data portion? The reason I ask is that it’s not specified (that I can see), and there’s a timer running while the radio is playing.

  5. Is anyone else having problems with the curve’s deivce player not being able to play with berrytunes. The device’s player will not play any songs once my device goes through a reboot.

  6. It figures, just as I buy the full version they stop carrying my favorite british and canadian comedy stations.b wish there was some way to email them directly.

  7. I’ve got 4 bars at home. Evdo and unlimited data, 8830.

    Just installed “Try It [for free],” and been using Berrytunes for an hour to jump around a dozen stations (so far).

    Continual audio / no cutting out.

    Yes, there is an ominous timer in the corner of the screen, as if there’s going to be a charge.

    It would be interesting to patch this into an Auxiliary jack or powered speakers to see what the quality’s like, and if it’s stereo.

    Looked at their list of pre-programmed stations and the Menu, but I don’t see any way to type in a URL of a stream that’s not pre-provided.

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