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Get GrandCentral Free Without An Invite! (For Now)

GrandcentrallogofreeYes you are not seeing things. I said free without an invite. I don’t know how long this solution will last because GrandCentral is getting prepped for a full release soon. I just checked and the method does work without a hitch on three different machines.

The best part is that you don’t need some benevolent stranger to send you and invite. You also don’t have to sell your first born.

All you have to do is go to this link and sign up:

So you have to be asking yourself could it really be that easy. I guess you will just have to believe me. So what are you waiting for?

BTW: I can’t promise how long this will work but PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF IT WORKED FOR YOU!

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  1. I signed up, but I had to pick the closest city to me (I live in a suburb that’s not listed. Other than that everything when smoothly.

    Anyone that’s used this for a while have any comments or feedback about the service?

  2. Thanks!! I gave it a try and and fooling around with it. It seems to work really well so far and I was able to pick a great phone number in my area code. This will be great to really test it out because I can see myself subscribing to something like this. Kudos for the invite without the invite. 🙂

  3. So far so good! I found and grabbed a local number and have been playing around with it for a little while now. Grand Central has tons of great looking features, so I’m excited to try them out over the next couple days. I’m still kind of waiting on someone to pop out and tell us there are lots of hidden charges associated with it. However, after reading through the privacy policy and terms of service, I’m not seeing anything negative (or costly) about it at the moment! Thanks so much for the invitation link!

  4. Hmmm I got this msg

    Thank you for your interest in GrandCentral. We will let you know as soon as we open up our service to more users. At that time you will be able to choose the specific phone number that you would like to use. We will make all possible efforts to ensure there are numbers in the area code or city you have selected, but there may be some areas where we won’t have coverage. We’ll do our best.

    The GrandCentral Team

  5. Sweet it worked for me thanks

  6. Thanks for reporting in guys. I was just getting tired of fielding over 60 requests for GrandCentral invites yesterday.

  7. Works great!! I wish I would have had this 5 years ago.

  8. Worked for me! Thank you very much for the invite.

  9. Worked great for me as well. I’ve been wanting to get on Grand Central for a while now, so now I’m spending the morning getting all my settings just so.

  10. Bah, no option for Canada?

  11. Wow!! I signed up right away. It didn’t pick a city too close to me, but since post people have unlimited long distance now on home and mobile lines it doesn’t matter. What ROCKS about this is that it allows unlimited free calling to Canada. I have been waiting for a good free tool that works for a long time. I’ve tried several mobile sites and a few BB apps too but nothing was as good as this. Just add Canadian numbers to your contacts list, use your BB browser to select them, and call away! Finally from my BB I have a way to call Canada for free, unlimited. Since I’m on T-Mobile’s unlimited UMA-WiFi calling on my 8320, I’m free to Canada and unlimited minutes too. Thanks so much for the tip!

  12. Nikolaus I did not know about the free calling to canada. Pretty cool stuff

  13. Just set mine up worked fine. Thanks for the lead.

  14. As of March 10, this link no longer works. (

    I went to that page on Sunday to select a phone number, but left computer thinking I will finish it Monday morning, but Grandcentral decide to pull the “blogger_invite” offer.

  15. Sad to hear it is gone. I am sure it will be available soon after the public release.

  16. Can someone send me an invite? Pretty please?!

  17. Can someone please send me a GrandCentral Invite. Please.. I really need this. johnzillah at gmail . Mucho Gracias Amigos!

  18. Sorry guys. Grandcentral has closed down the invite ability and they have shut down the blogger link. Best luck right now is to reserve a number. maybe. I will keep an ear out for you 🙁

  19. Hi! Can someone send me an invite to GC?
    My email is nick2u (at)
    Thank you!

  20. Nick, Ronen was right. it looks like even GC users can’t send anymore invites right now. The only way to get one now is to sign up on the front page through the “Reserve” button or wait until something changes.

  21. if someone could send me an invite to [email protected] I’ll have your babies. seriously.

    lol thanks =)

  22. Hi

    Can someone send me an invite to GC?

    My email is [email protected]


  23. Can Someone send me an invite to get Grand Central? please!!!!

  24. Can someone send me and invite? Please… My email is [email protected].

  25. Someone can send me an invite please? [email protected]



  26. I just got my invite today… Thanks to Craig! He personally sent me an invite.

  27. I want one!! 🙂

  28. Sorry. No one can send invites as of right now. You will just need to reserve your number and wait until GC open up for new customers. Again Sorry~

  29. I’d love to get an invitation, if one’s available. My email’s [email protected]

  30. If anybody is feeling generous, I would love to receive invite.
    Thank You
    [email protected]

  31. I’ve also been trying to get an invite since February, with no luck. I could really use this service. If anyone has an invite to share, it would be very much appreciated and well used. Thanks a lot, have a great day!


    jfherring (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. If you’re feeling generous and have grancentral invites to spare, please consider sending me an invite, as I’d really like an account myself.

    If I get an invite, I’m willing to come back to this thread and send some invites to others who have posted requests 🙂

    My email address is
    kteng (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. It is still the case that no one on GC has any invites at all. The invite function is still nowhere to be found (I just checked again). Sorry.

    The only way to get a GC number right now is to sign up on the front page through the “Reserve” (Save a number for me) button and wait (and wait and wait) for a response. Or wait until something changes and they allow invites again. I have been waiting a long time to change the area code on my GC number.

    I almost wonder if Google is thinking of canning GC or if they are just needing to monetize the service before they start adding new users again. It is strange that the invite function has been down for so long.

  34. i reserved a number and its been 2 weeks still no reply

  35. I guess I’m to late. The blogger_invite link doesn’t work for me for GC 🙁

    I would appreciate if there is anyone out there generous enough too give me one GC invite.

    I’ll send invites too those who posted requests if I can get one myself.

    My email is
    thepsychicguy1989 (a)t gmail (dot) com

  36. Also, alas too late. Use word press over blogger. If anyone could send me an invite, I will walk your dog twice on Sunday =)
    My email is asilverpeach (a)t gmail

  37. Hey if anyone can find it in their heart to send me an invite to [email protected] I would greatly appreciate it. I have been trying to reserve a number since May with no luck. Thanks.


  38. Anyone else still have an invite?
    northidaho (@)

  39. If anyone else can part with an invite you would really make my day. I’d even trade some free exchange hosting or something. jpace31 @


  40. If anyone has a spare invite to send to me, it would be appreciated. Interested in trying this on my cell as well.
    meshwerk at

  41. Please can someone spare an invite to send me? I will give you all my invites – i just really want to test this thing out.

    [email protected]

  42. If anyone has an invite, could you please send me one?
    sdalporto at gmail(dot)com

  43. All Invites have been suspended…sorry

  44. Please invite me if possible.

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