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BlackBerry comes to the Rescue: Well, sort of…

After a week or so of wailing on Rim and BlackBerry and all of there shortfalls, I thought I would write a feel good story about the advantages of BlackBerry ownership.


Last weekend when I was supposed to be home writing my butt off, I actually went 4 wheeling to a local trail to test out some new tires on my Cherokee. The trail is out on the edge of the city limits and just within network boundaries. On one of the last obstacles, I pushed the loud pedal down a little too much and broke a rear drive axle.


The problem was repair or recovery from an isolated and ‘hard to reach’ place. Enter, BlackBerry browser. I used the browser on my Curve to Google search local trailer hire rental and Jeep parts supply businesses. Once I had their contact information, it was just a matter of calling them to make sure they had stock and then calling by brother to pick up the parts and trailer.


After 12 hours stuck on the trail in 40 degrees C (118F) heat, we finally got the Jeep onto the trailer and back home. Without my BlackBerry it could have been a whole lot longer stuck up there and things could have got dangerous (water wise).


I know we have been bagging BlackBerry and Rim this past week, but all in all, they still make a fantastic product and I am proud to call myself a loyal owner.


Hope you all enjoy the pictures (because I was on a club run when it happened, the official photographer went a little nuts !)

Thankyou to all involved for all your time and effort…

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  1. Nice Jeep.

  2. The problem with Australia is it’s way too hot. My home spot on the globe is not that cool either. 🙁

  3. Yeah, It’s way too hot this time of year. I would like to say that the axle melted but no, it was my fault… 🙂

  4. Hi Nancy,
    If you want to use the Jeep as a subject for a Theme, please feel free. I have some great shots for you to use and it would be something ‘different’ as a subject.
    If you want to do it, just get in touch through Ronen.
    And thanks for the comment.
    Kindest Regards,
    Greg Myers.

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