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SyncWizard Wants To Sync All Of Your Information Online

SyncwizardsynchingpageJosep just sent me a link to a press release by a company called SyncWizard. They have released a (seemingly free) product that hopes to integrate all of your contact information and personal information from a wide array of devices including BlackBerrys. It syncs bookmarks, wallpapers, documents, pictures, music, and most importantly contacts and calendars. They sync them with the likes of Zoho, Picasa, & MP3tunes.

Its pretty impressive and comprehensive but I would be wary about the security and privacy implications. The information is then available from their website to be synchronized with multiple other locations.

Check out the service at or read the press release below:

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ — (Ajax13) SyncWizard — — scans any PC, locating the most valuable personal data and securely storing it online. The free product then creates a live, customized page that is accessible through popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, and from any PC, cell phone, mobile PDAs such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, and even new devices, like the Amazon Kindle and EEPC Mini PC.

With a few clicks, a free account is created and SyncWizard safely backs-up the user’s PC content in a secure online locker. From the PC, phone or PDA, SyncWizard then enables full access and utilization with the most popular web applications; including Zoho web office, Picasa photo albums, MP3tunes digital music locker service, ScheduleWorld calendars and more.

After the initial sign-up, auto-updating simply seamlessly occurs, with no action required, each and every time anything new is added. When a recently edited Word document is saved or when a PowerPoint presentation is finalized for a meeting, SyncWizard automatically files the data and prepares it for viewing, editing and sharing. Freshly download photos from digital cameras and recently ripped CDs are also automatically saved, with SyncWizard detecting the additions without so much as a log-in or software launch required. For more information and a free account, visit

“MyYahoo isn’t really ‘my’, but just a bunch of news or sports articles Yahoo thinks I might be interested in reading,” commented Michael Robertson, Founder and CEO of (Ajax13) SyncWizard. “SyncWizard is the real ‘my’ because it captures the personal data that is important to my life — contacts, appointments, music, documents and photos — and creates a personalized site where I can access it from any device, wherever I am.” To see more, visit

About SyncWizard

SyncWizard delivers a personal homepage of a person’s own content, creating a true mobile experience. Through Internet synchronization and safe online storage of music, documents, photos, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks, coupled with a comprehensive suite of the most popular web applications and access through any device, SyncWizard lets people be productive and entertained anywhere they go. The company was founded by Michael Robertson, who has launched numerous successful companies, including, Linspire, Gizmo5 and MP3tunes. For more information, visit

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  1. I have no respect for companies that use the phrase “any PC” to refer to things that only run on Windows.
    But they’re on to something. Those would be Google and Yahoo screenshots really make a point.

  2. Any Windows PC 🙂

  3. SyncWizard actually currently supports both Mac (FF) and Windows (IE, FF) and Linux (FF) is on the way.

  4. Jan, That is good to know. What does it sync on Linux?

  5. Yes, I’m sure that the data will be accessible to Linux via browser. But what about synch’ing data with the PC? Will it exchange addresses and appointments with Kontact? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. It syncs FF bookmarks, your wallpaper, documents, pictures and music on Linux. The desktop app for Linux, that will watch folders and sync files in any specified folder, is in testing phase at the moment and will be out soon.

    With regards to contacts, we configure Outlook and Thunderbird plugins for you during the desktop application’s installation to sync your contacts and calendar to ScheduleWorld (which supports syncML). We don’t support Kontact yet but is definitely on our radar.

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