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Sprint Loses More Money Than Its Worth!

SprintlogonewRight on the heels of announcing their “simply everything” plan that is not really everything Sprint has shocked us with their Q4 results for 2007. I usually do not mention this kinda thing since financials bore me but as Joshua Karp of BoyGenius explains this is some pretty serious dough that Sprint has lost.

Over the course of 2007, Sprint lost $29.5 billion. That’s a lot of money, but here’s the real kicker. Ready? Sprint is currently valued at $23 billion. Is this sinking in yet? We can be a bit more clear, just for the sake of argument. During the 4th quarter of 2007, Sprint lost over $6 billion more than it’s worth.

I am starting to think that all the unlimited plans in the world are not going to help. They have been bleeding customers like crazy but this is just ridiculous!

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  1. Wow, that is insane. I’m on Sprint and like the service and pricing.

    I think competitor advertising is taking it’s toll along with less/no exclusive phone models.

  2. Yeah they have the EVDO down right but I am not sure why they are bleeding customers so badly

  3. The loss in the 4th quarter was due to a write off from the Nextel merger..consumer customers are the ones leaving..Sprint has great assets and their is the best kept secret in wireless. And the Simply everything DOES include everything…text messages, unlimited web surfing, unlimited voice, Sprint TV, and anything else..I’m on the plan so I know!

  4. The prod at Sprint’s Simply Everything plan not being “everything” was most likely referring to the additional $20 users with Blackberry Exchange Servers will have to pay. You MAY still use Blackberry devices without the exchange server (i.e. Use your own personal e-mail) as well as other PDAs for the base rate of $99.99 a month. BB users can still enjoy their push e-mail at this rate as long as it DOES NOT use BES.

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