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Commercial Light Show Zen Theme For BlackBerry 8100/8300/8800

UPDATE: The developer let us know that this theme is now a commercial theme. Check out the comments for more details.

BetteDavis has released a hot new theme on Themes4BB that I wanted to share with you. This Light Show theme brings a cool header bar that is translucent and looks very Vista-like. I love the custom icons she used. They are slick looking and it is still easy to identify their function. I just can’t remember where I recognize them from. She has been nice enough to publish the theme for the 8100, 8300, 8800, & 8830 devices. Thanks Bette!


The theme is available for OTA download only at the following links below:

8100 Download – TodayZenIcon
8300 Download – TodayZenIcon
8800 Download – TodayZenIcon

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  1. Thank you for letting us know. 🙂 We always love to see new themes.

  2. Not my taste, but seems very well done.

  3. Thank you so much for the review. Cheers!

  4. Has anyone noticed that some menus when running Opera Mini flash when using this theme on a BB Curve? Looks fantastic by the way.

  5. Glad you are enjoying. I did not see any flashing issues with the menus but I have cleared all of my BlackBerry applications due to memory leaks I have had recently

  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now posted the Icon and Today versions of “Light Show” over at T4BB for 88xx, 87xx, 83xx and 81xx BlackBerry devices. Moreover, I have addressed the menu issues that some may be experiencing with each post. Cheers and enjoy!

  7. The forum is down, so we cannot download anything now. 🙁 I wanted to try this..

  8. The site is up and running, should be no issues 🙂

  9. Thank You,
    do you have any plans to make Today screen version of this? I always like to see my new e-mails on the home screen.

  10. The today (and icon) versions of “Light Show” have already been posted…see above ^ in comment response #6 …

  11. Thank you but I couldn’t find the link to it. Could you please post the link? Thanks!

    Also, is there anyway to change the font that is used for list of e-mails, for something a bit smaller?

  12. I really love this theme! Its one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

    I was having a bit of a problem with the website list on my BB. When I go to type in a new address I can’t see the other sites. Is it possible for anyone to fix this?

  13. On Sunday, April 6th this theme will no longer be available for download. Please see my site for details.

  14. Thanks for letting us know Brandy. Let us know when the new themes come out. Good luck!

  15. Will do, and thanks again for the support and kind remarks. Cheers.

  16. The link is broken boooooo 🙁 can anyone send me this for the 83xx and or the 88xx? I LOVE this theme.


  17. Nicki,
    The theme links are now updated. There is now also a today and icon version of the theme

  18. can somebody tell me what files from the extracted .ZIP files gets added through the desktop install?

  19. “Light Show” isn’t available for OTA download at the present time (it hasn’t been available anywhere for nearly two months).

    However, I just recently made all my themes available for ‘Zip download upon donation’, this is includes “Light Show”…for more details check my website.

  20. Please disregard the second part of that last reply of mine. For themes currently not available for (free) OTA download, I only offer ‘Theme Modification(s) upon donation(s)’.

  21. This theme has been updated and has been made premium. Please check out the ‘Theme Shoppe’ at my website.

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