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BlackBerry Ave – Another Social Network For BlackBerry

SocialnetworksSocial networking has gone through quite a few tries on the BlackBerry with none of them sticking except for Facebook. (which is not even BB specific) Devin of BBcool reported yesterday about the release of yet another attempt at the BlackBerry social network.

The ones I remember so far:

  • BlackBerry Pin Exchange

And now BlackBerry Ave. I am not sure what differentiator these websites are offering that makes them worth it to users to have yet another network to manage. I wish them all the luck but I really don’t see what has changed that will make this one stick. The interface of BlackBerry Ave is better than its predecessors which is a start. It also allows for some cool interaction with your own blog and profile.

Yesterday I mentioned BlackBerry PIN exchange that piggybacks on Facebook which may help it survive. I know that RIM is saying that social networking is the future of BlackBerry but currently I don’t see enough interest to spawn off a separate network just for BlackBerry users.

Let me know what you think…

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  1. Hi and thanks for the mention on your site…. So what does Blackberry Ave. offer that others don’t…. hmm…

    > File storage of 20mb (pics, vids, docs, etc.)
    > Full profile feature
    > Full Blog feature
    > RSS integration to distribute and read feeds
    > Totally 100% built for Blackberry handsets
    > Full desktop feature
    > Community builder

    Blackberry Ave. is trying to bring social networking to the mobile that has only ever been seen on desktop versions…

    Please let me know what you think….

    Luigi Raw
    The Creator of Blackberry Ave.

  2. I thought it looked pretty cool personally. The site could use some color other than black gray and dark blue. Makes it look dreary. The concept is solid otherwise but requires others to use it for it to take off

  3. I agree that more colour is needed but the main area of work at the moment is stability. As the site is still in it’s own respect a BETA release I need to tweak code to guarentee the best features work.

    I appreciate the comment though and please watch this space as Blackberry Ave is here to stay.

    Luigi Raw
    The creative dude at bbave.

  4. Luigi,
    Let me know as the site progresses. If you have some major feature changes we will mention it again.
    All the best,

  5. The changes made to Blackberry Ave. are posted on the Facebook Page and Group (Just search ‘Blackberry Ave’ in facebook) and also on the ‘Changes Log’ community on the actual site.

    I will however keep you posted if any major changes are made.

    Many thanks

  6. In addition to the Facebook and BlackBerry avenue the website should be taken added to the list of websites for BlackBerry PinSwappers. is a social networking website dedicated to BlackBerry users, website members are able to find new BlackBerry messenger friends via the website, share videos and pictures + more. combines social networking + real time commincation (via blackberry) to registered website members. takes social networking to an entire new level.

    Site director –

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