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Atheros Selling WiFi Chips To RIM?

WifimaybeAt first glance this story on did not look so interesting. It basically reports that Atheros is now selling WiFi chips to RIM which are going into BlackBerrys.

On second glance I read the line that said.

 He says the company already was shipping parts for CDMA Blackberries.

So I have to ask myself are there some WiFi CDMA BlackBerrys released that I don’t know about? Or is this a sign of the 8330 or other devices to come?

I am no expert in the BlackBerry CDMA space since I am a GSM fan myself but this really raised an eyebrow for me. Any ideas or am I completely missing the boat?

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  1. Maybe that new slider RIM filed for patent on will have CDMA and wifi and come out same time or before a GSM version??? Sure would be nice to see RIM give CDMA devices some lovin’ for once. We waited how long for 8130? And 8830? And still no word of 8330? When is RIM gonna get smart and realize that CDMA providers have far more 3G coverage here in USA, and that they are losing a LOT of sales with their CDMA delays???

    Of course, a 3G GSM BB would be nice too for the GSM crowd that RIM also ignores.

  2. RIM has really been ignoring the CDMA side of things. That is the reason I have never owned a CDMA device. They are just so far behind the curve. I find it is like the difference between Windows & Mac. They both do more or less the same thing but everything comes out for windows first. Even though the Mac may be more stable and reliable. 🙂

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