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TeenBuzz Mosquito Ringtone – Ringtones Adults Can’t Hear

TeenbuzzmosquitoThis is not news or anything since I have been hearing rumors about these types of ringtones for ages. The difference is that after Josep mentioned it to me again I finally had a chance to try it out for myself and it does actually work!

Don’t get me wrong it was not an exact science but it did work most of the time. The website has even changed its tagline to “the ringtone most adults can’t hear.” I can only imagine how kids now are using this to have their cellphone ring in class. Maybe soon they will be able to transmit answers to each other through sounds adults can’t hear?

There are ringtones available on for a couple different age groups. That means there is a ringtone for:

  • 24 years and below
  • 40 years and below
  • 45 years and below
  • 50 years and below
  • 60 years and below

Check out all of them and download whichever you want at this link. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I never knew ringtones like this existed. To test out the theory, I got my wife (mid 30s), myself (low 40s) and my two boys (5 and 3) in the room and placed them in front of my laptop so they could not see when I pressed the button. To my amazement, my wife and I could not hear the ‘younger’ generation tones but my boys heard all of them.

    I guess it’s old age and time for a hearing exam!

  2. I already knew of tones and frequencies that can’t be heard by most geezers. But the idea of cheating on tests had never occurred to me. I mean: you’re evil.

  3. Anyway, I have a program in the Palm PDA that keeps beeping constantly at one of those high frequencies. It is supposed to keep mosquitos away.
    They don’t say anything about teenagers, but I guess you could use it against that kind of pest too. 🙂
    I’m not sure how well it works, I never really carried out any scientific and conclusive study. But it probably won’t hurt, so yes, I would like to have that application in my Blackberry, especially since I don’t carry my Palm on trips anymore.

  4. As you could easily surmise, the quality of the speakers is the most critical part of any sound aystem. I played these tones on my blackberry through the built-in speaker, on my blackberry through Sennheiser HD 280 Pro DJ headphones, on my work computer through Sennheiser PMX 60 headphones, and on my home computer through high-end Senheiser speakers. I also played them on my Toyota Camry XLS car stereo with the engine off in my gar-age-which is the closest I could come to a soundproof chamber.

    On the blackberry through the built-in speaker for me the sound dropped off after 12kHz. On my blackberry through the HD 280 headphones, on my home computer and on my car stereo I heard every tone. On my work computer through I heard them up through 14kHZ and then I heard them again starting at 20kHz.

    Just thought you’d like to know there’s more to this than immediately comes to mind.

  5. The funny part about this whole idea is that the Mosquito ringtone was first created to stop kids from loitering in certain areas. 🙂

    BlackBerryBeard you are 100% correct about the quality of the speakers. Some of these frequencies will not even play on certain sets of speakers and headphones. You really seem to know alot about audio. Got any good ways to fix tags on MP3 files automatically 🙂 Pretty please…

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