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RANT! My BlackBerry Is Running Out Of Memory! AGAIN!

VerymadA few weeks ago I mentioned the fact that my BlackBerry has become a chronic memory hog. I will reboot my BlackBerry and have about 7–8Mb of free space. Wait a few days and that is back down to 500K. I reboot and it is back to 7–8Mb. Seriously what is going on. I never used to have these problems. I also have not installed any new applications recently except for PocketDay, Empower Pro, & EA Games SKATE. I only noticed this yesterday because all of a sudden my BlackBerry lost all its emails and phone logs and even turned off the network connection due to low memory…

This is really starting to tick me off. Once again my Berry has deleted all my emails and phone logs from the device. I have now removed PocketDay, Empower Pro, & SKATE and will see if maybe there is some issue. Has anybody else noticed this recent rampant disregard for memory management on their Berry? It is starting to remind me of my experiences with Windows Mobile and Palm.

You can see the before and after below:


On a side note would it kill RIM to give us a bit more memory to play with? Or better yet have the option to offload the information to a memory card backup? Maybe even just auto replicate the measly 64mb of storage. I really hate losing my email and call-logs.


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  1. I have this problem as well. Wondering if a new version or update is out. I’m running an 8830 on Sprint’s network (BIS).

    Wondering if the Pearl has these issues as well. Maybe I can get a new handset.

  2. You might want to upgrade your OS, as well as perform the steps listed in the link below. John Clark on created an excellent guide for maximizing the memory on the BlackBerry. I have about 10 third-party apps and many messages and, when I reboot, have over 30MB of memory free:

  3. I have an 8830 with latest 4.2.2 OS from VZW, and notice this too. I am at the point of having to pull the battery every other day for a hard reboot, as when I go into status it consistently says ZERO free and I get a blinking hourglass.

  4. I find that browsing to a non-compatible website (not mobile friendly) can cause the issue as well.

  5. I have the same issue. I would have about 8MB free after a hard reset and after using some apps and after a bit of time, it will drop to zero bytes free and I’ve lost my email and logs. It’s very annoying that you don’t receive any warning that this about to happen. The single major complaint I have about the Curve is the handling of memory. There should be more flexibility. And it’s not like any of the apps I have are creating a memory drain either.

  6. The BB devices in any software version 4.2…onward have a memory managment utility built in when device memory reaches 800kb it will start to delete what it considers “non useful” items..with that being said their are a few tricks that you can do to correct the problem…ie delete unused languages,remove the sample video from the device and disable “warning logs” ( alt+l+g+l+g) do these things SOLVE the problem…No..will they help…Yes..and to address the issue abt RIM including more internal memory..I feel quite confident in saying we will see it in the next series of devices..but that does not help us now unfortunately

  7. On my 8320 the thing that helped the most was making sure I closed every program right after I used it. When I first got my Curve I was using the red power button to exit out of apps. I figured out it was leaving them running in memory that uses up the available memory that shows under Status. Now that I make sure I close all apps that my BB will allow, my available device memory doesn’t go down nearly as low as it used to.

  8. Wow I guess I am not the only one. It is just that I have never experience this level of instability on a BlackBerry ever! Having it happen three times in two weeks is getting ridiculous.

    I now am also having problems with Google Talk where it will all of a sudden give me a Java Exception out of bounds error!!! Sorry I needed to vent a bit

  9. First off, how do you figure out in mb how much memory you have left? It just shows how many bytes you have.
    I have also been having memory probs, along with a the hourglass constantly spinning on screen. I had thot that might be due to Viigo refreshing itself. However, this wasn’t the case. After deleting what I could, and jettisoning unused apps, it still isn’t that much better.

  10. Thanks for that “( alt+l+g+l+g)” tip Bla1ze!

    I wonder…I’m a HEAVY Viigo user, not uncommon to have 200-300 unread articles. Is everyone that’s having this similar problem also a Viigo user? I can’t imagine uninstalling Viigo for a couple days to find out if that’s the culprit.

  11. Hey m8

    Running BB8830 here

    I run the utility “memoryup”

    U can browse w/ your bb browsew and DN it:

    Just launch and then go to “quick boost” and it should free up LOTS of RAM.

    FYI: also be sure to clear your memory cache, etc on your BB internet (while in browser go to options-cache operations)

    Just those two things can free up over 800,000 +

  12. I’ve never lost that much memory that fast, but I’ve noticed I lose a lot after launching any RSS program: Viigo, Freerange or Newsgator Go. Because they will download and store the articles until I delete them manually, I guess. It seems that Newsgator Go causes the least impact, probably because it won’t download and store articles automatically, they’re only pulled on demand. I wish these programs used the media card instead.

  13. I still fail to see how running ANOTHER app, such as memory up will help….your loading YET ANOTHER app onto your BB which uses memory to run??…sure it will clean your memory, but um…it’s using memory to run as well…defeats the purpose as far as I can tell.

  14. I still fail to see how running ANOTHER app, such as memory up will help….your loading YET ANOTHER app onto your BB which uses memory to run??…sure it will clean your memory, but um…it’s using memory to run as well…defeats the purpose as far as I can tell


    You are obviously one of those types of people who look at a post and reply back w/o conducting ANY research regarding the suggestion I mentioned above involving “MemoryUp” lol…all you needed to do was to take 2 mins to google it to get customer reviews on this app; here is a site that you can get reviews, download the app, and more technical info if you’d like:

    I’d ask politely for you to at least take the time and go ask around before you reply back without rationally thinking it through (no offense but that is what it appeared as if you did after you read my previous post; if you don’t want to then so be it-this is more intended for the BB users who have legitimate memory issues with their BB’s and would like some advice as how to resolve the issue; like the person who started this thread).

    Sorry if I seem to be coming off rude; not intentional m8. Just advising you to research the BB app before you discredit it as saying “ …YET ANOTHER app onto your BB which uses memory to run??…um…it’s using memory to run…defeats the purpose as far as I can tell.

    Had you done this you would of figured out that “MemoryUp” takes about 1/10th up of RAM (compared to an avergage JVM/J2ME (Java enabled program on your BB) while you run it (need only to run it for less than 2 minutes).

    While I have not found another FREE app that does the things that MemoryUp can do (perhaps there are others, but so far this works for me and I haven’t had to pay a dime for it since I started to use it. So sorry if this sounds like informercial or something; I only have experience with this app and haven’t heard of or used a viable substitute that enables me to quickly recover RAM on the spot-and in doing so takes up a fraction of what my other JVM (J2ME)~Java programs use. So just a heads up.

    A little background on this app:

    MemoryUp is a (JVM) management and RAM boosting app designed for almost all types BB’s. It analyzes local JVM memory statistics (we are particularily referring to J2ME apps that are currently and/or have been installed on your BB, then immediately recovers and re-allocates occupied RAM, THUS- greatly enhancing the performance of mobile devices (this is b/c of the RAM it recovers and reallocates).

    In most cases (which I see from the above posts) JVM based apps are no longer active on your blackberry; you may have installed some a while back and deleted them but not realizing that your BB is STILL allocating some, however minor it may be, memory to these useless programs. MemoryUp will reclaim this wasted memory and put to better use. In doing so, the BlackBerry does not need to access its hard drive as often, thus leading to enhancing its overall performance.


    If you are familiar with JVM based programs (such like J2ME apps), well then, you would know that they run in both front end & the back end, anyone who is not a n00b on J2ME (Bla1ze…lol) will know that this tends to and often sucks the living hell out of your BB’s RAM-like a hoover on steroids. So installing one more app like this one or likewise won’t make matters worse; it takes up little space and does not need to be continuously running in the background (although you can have this option and it will re-allocate RAM when you get low-you can set it to you automatically boost and recover RAM should it go below any certain percentage you choose-default I think is 5%, but I don’t run this in the background, I only use it for recovering RAM and then I exit out-but this is good for people that habitually seem to have memory issues and begin to see that ever so annoying minute clock stalling your BB to a near standstill-freeing up RAM that is not needed elsewhere at the moment).

    For a typical BB user (and I am in this group as well) who tends to run multiple JVM based apps all at one time, this app helps you effectively evaluate and recover unneeded memory distributed to all these J2ME apps you have on your BB.

    If you start to feel the sluggish performance of your BB starting up just click on MemoryUp (I believe it is still a free version-if you are asked for a registration code a month down the line or so, just uninstall and reinstall the app again; I have had it for over year now).

    The interface looks like this when you open it up:


    So you can see your BB’s total Memory, Free Memory and Used Memory.

    Some options it will give you:

    Quick Boost (This is what I do everytime I feel that my BB is getting low on memory thus effecting it’s performance negatively). This is what this option will do in a 7 step (30 second process)
    Checks all your J2ME apps; checks RAM; Defraggs disk drive (which comes in handy if you are always checking out trial versions of crap and delete 1-2 days later); reallocates RAM; recovers it and distributes it elsewhere or usually just keeps the RAM handy for when you need it again.

    System Info:
    Gives you details on your system (i.e. how much RAM is being used up currently by J2ME (JVM) apps and will give you the JAVA Extension (i.e. CLDC-1.1/MIDP))

    Log Info:

    Gives you detailed info on all the past instances in which you performed a quick boost and lets you know how much RAM it recovered for you.

    It have BASIC and ADVANCED settings:
    Basic will just give you options if you want to have it run in background and at what percent should it boost your BB if your RAM falls under that specified %.
    Advanced will give you options like: Force system to use large cache (Yes/No): Prohibit kernal to disk swapping (Yes/No): Auto Allocte critical threads (Yes/No): Remove unusded DLL’s from memory (Yes/No), etc.

    So you see you are installing another app, BUT you are not running it in the background-you run it when you deem necessary; and even then it takes up miminal memory while running.

    I’d say what a great SWAP; have an app run with min RAM allocation in order to recover 20 times that amount-thus significantly increasing the performance of your BB.

    At least research it; then make a logical, rational decision. You could do that faster than it will take you the time to read this post in its entirety…lol.

  15. OK…Sorry for the double post as I realize after I submitted the above post that I may have come off a tad bit harsh primarily directed at Bla1ze; I didn’t mean to be an a-hole and certainly did not mean to single you out Bla1ze. Since their is no edit function here I cannot go back and edit.

    After reading through my post, it may have appeared that I was insulting Bla1ze’s intelligence. I wrote the post too fast during which time I was under the assumption that Bla1ze was being confrontational; most likely the reply given by Bla1ze was of mere inquisitive not confrontational.

    So here are the 3 words that should be said:

    I am sorry <———-Bla1ze 🙂

  16. Now back on topic is anybody running Viigo or Mobipocket?
    That is my next culprit. I have uninstalled PocketDay and Empower already and things are still going downhill. The only two other applications I have left (that is until I fix this issue) are Viigo and Mobipocket.
    Anybody else having this problem and have these apps installed. I really want to get to the source of this because it is really ruining my days.

  17. I am running Empower Pro, Viigo Mobipocket along with a plethora of other apps and my phone is just fine in terms of memory.

    I would at least try to checkout the MemoryUp app; I used to have issues like this before I started to use MemoryUp. I simply open up the app run the quick boost and it almost always recovers 20% or even more of my RAM thus making my BB 8830 running very smoothly.

    BTW: I have around the maximum amount of articles allowed on Viigo (~930 articles) not to mention PocketDay Pro, Empower Pro, WeatherBug (the actual application), WPT2 via Bplay, Mobile Golden Tee Gold via Magmic, Call of Duty 4 via Magmic, Beamberry, Realdice Launcher along with Texas Hold-em Poker, Google Map (newest version), Yahoo! Go (newest version), Gridmagic (Excel Spreadsheet viewer), the new version of SKATE by EA (pretty cool game), VTap (flash/streaming video Downloader to BB application), MicroSky (constellation viewing-realtime), and few other games via Magmic currently installed on my BB 8830; not to mention 5 different themes installed as well.

    That is why the only thing I can think of that is the reason I am not seeing that dam hourglass on a regular basis is b/c I open up MemoryUp at least once a day and run the “quick boost” then close the application. I also make sure to clean out internet caches/cookies/passwords/history, etc.

    If you have any other apps that have to store info on your BB in caches (i.e. any mapping application, unessessary log entries (i.e. one in PocketDay-calls; emails; tasks; etc) you also will have them on your BB as well-think as having double the info so be sure to clear your cache entries.

    Why not try the MemoryUp and see what is taking up all your Memory? It will show you and you will be able to narrrow it down. If you don’t like it-delete it. You could be saving yourself a huge headache.

    Also I would go into your media player and make sure you don’t have too many items unessessarily stored under “Device Memory” by accident-that is where you will find your cache folders if you have any that your unaware of. All items, or most files, should be moved to “Media Card”; that is, if you have a micro SD card installed (as I have a 2 GB micro SD installed and make sure all my programs that use cache folders (such as Empower, Google Maps, etc) are moved to my SD card).

    Just go into your media icon and then hit your option button > explore. This will let you navigate to see what files are where.

    Ringtones can be a resource hog; music not stored on a SD card can be a RAM killer as with videos and pictures. Instead of unistalling every application one by one, I would get an app that shows you how much RAM is being used.

    Anything you have that you allow access to the internet will kill your amount of free RAM so beware of that.

    Also when you hook up to desktop manager; have you deleted the other languages preinstalled with the device (i.e. French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc) also delete the preinstalled videos and pictures that come pre-installed.

    If all else fails I would hook up your BB via USB to your computer and use Windows Explorer and click on your device (should come up as I drive or G drive) and go in and have a look see at all the folders in the “Device Memory”-you may be surprised at all the junk you thought you deleted but bits and pieces of it stuck around. Happens to me all the time as I am a beta tester and install and uninstall multiple apps on weekly even daily basis. This is why I am so head strong on having an app to recover my RAM; otherwise you will be lookign for that precious RAM forever…lol.

    GL and let me know how it goes, ok?

  18. Sorry for double post again but if you should also go into your options>security>general setttings and make sure that your content compression is set at “enabled” also then go to options>security>application permissions>hit your option button (just rt of green talk button) and scroll down to “edit default permissions” which will bring you to another screen then hit your option button again and scroll down to “apply defaults to all” and hit enter. This will reset your application permission to access the internet and you will once again be prompted when you launch any app that uses the internet.

    Also remember you can find out what is taking up most of your hard drive by using desktop manager-usually the bigger the size the more RAM it will eat up/consume-even after you uninstall…lol. Make sure to hit the check box under applications in desktop manager that allows you to see all programs “including” pre-installed programs/factory installed and you may come across some RAM killers that you don’t even have a need for.

    Also another good thing to try to get some info on what is eating your RAM for dinner is by running a diagnostic test. Go to manage connections icon>mobile network options>diagnostic check. This will tell you a lot of good info for troublshooting. Also whenever you are not using your Bluetooth (if you use it and have it enabled; disable it while not in use as it will consume more RAM then you are lead to beleive.)

    If all else fails just make a backup using desktop manager and then you can always wipe handheld and replace each 3rd party app one by one to figure out which one is the culprit. Once found you can restore your data via desktop manager from the restore option and restore by way of advanced restore. This allows you to pick and choose what to restore and what not to restore. Like I wouldn’t restore the RMS Databases-as those are just linked to your 3rd party apps (like if for games it tells your BB what your score is, what level your on, etc; if application it will start where you left off-like Viigo; it will reload all your articles).

    But do you really want to wipe handheld? This should be your last option, but WILL fix your problem.

    I would use MemoryUp to see how much memory you actually are working with; try to recover as much RAM as possible using that app; if you still have issues, then I would restore to an earlier backup-if you have one and make them regularly. Wiping your handheld can be a good thing if you have a backup ready to restore it to. It’s kinda like hitting the restore to factory settings option on your computer under safemode. As far as computers go this is your absolutely last resort but with handhelds you have an easier time piecing back your data.

    Don’t fret bro; we’ll get through this together if need be…lol. Just keep me in the loop so I can help you as much as I can. When you or others post in this thread I get instant email on my Blackberry so I’ll get back to you fairly soon.

    BTW: what Blackberry desktop manager OS are you running? What version of handheld device manager do you have installled? Do you use BIS or BES? And what model BB do you own?

  19. I loaded up MemoryUp and have it set to auto-start and auto-free RAM. Not for this discussion this ONLY does anything with JVM RAM, it does nothing to help with RAM consumed by other things mentioned such as browser cache, installed apps, etc.

    Every time I check it’s logs, it SAYS it has freed up some memory. Since I started using it two days ago, my JVM RAM hovers around 28MB and it’s keeping ~70% of that “free”. And I’ve been keeping Viigo running and auto-updating at the same time.

    Maybe it’s helping. I do know that in the short time since I installed it, my 8830 hasn’t locked up or gone into “constantly spinning hourglass” mode. Fingers crossed.

  20. Well now it appears as though we are making headway, albeit however not an absolute correction, but we seem to be one step close.


    You 100% correct re: MemoryUp as stated above in my 2nd post in this thread:

    “MemoryUp is a (JVM) management and RAM boosting app…It analyzes local JVM memory statistics…(we are particularily referring to J2ME apps that are currently and/or have been installed on your BB, then immediately recovers and re-allocates occupied RAM, THUS- greatly enhancing the performance of mobile devices (this is b/c of the RAM it recovers and reallocates)”. Although I don’t run MemoryUp in the background; I just run it when I start to feel my BB’s performance go south by way it’s “quick boost” feature-I am a strong beleiver of “the less apps running at once, the better performance you will get”.

    For the 3rd party apps that are not JVM enabled (i.e. PocketDay Pro; Empower Pro; Mobipocket; Google Maps or ant mapping app for that matter; Viigo, Mini-Opera, etc) you will have to monitor their cache folders-move to SD card if you have one, and monitor it’s application permission’s (i.e. Permitting these apps to automatically access internet without prompting you); therefore creating large amounts of junk buildup that can stall your BB. So take this into consideration.


    I would try uninstalling mobipocket; I did and then ran memoryup (to defrag my BB’s hard drive-which I do everytime I uninstall an app (run quick boost after uninstall and if prompted to reboot after uninstall then run quick boost via memoryup directly after reboot) and recovered 5% of my RAM! Also any non-factory installed themes you have installed on your BB WILL eat lots of RAM; so try to keep it to perhaps 2 non-factory plazmic themes or less if possible. I had like 5 and trimmed it down to 2 plazmic enabled themes and recovered another 9% of precious RAM making a grand total 14% memory recovered!

  21. I haven’t read back through the whole long thread, but are a lot of people having this problem also using Empower? I use BBSmart for html email, not Empower.

    I’m on day 3 without having done a hard restart! Best this thing has run since it got it the day VZW started selling them.

  22. @David

    Glad to hear things are working out for you thus far (now wishing I hadn’t said that for fear of the ever so often JINX created when someone assumes something is corrected with such a short time span in determining a sucessful outcome…doh!)…lol.

    On a more serious note however, I would be willing to bet everything that I own that Empower Pro is the culprit here, although logically I can understand why you could have come to that conclusion; you are not using Empower, you use BBsmart.

    These two apps work in almost the exact same way in terms of how they run on your BB, how much RAM is allocated to them both, and data that is ultimately stored on cache folders. The only difference is the user interface of both the apps (as they do look different when compared side by side via a screenshot). Both Empower and BBsmart allow you to redirect the cache folder to your SD card-if you have one-and both require minimal memory while running. So I doubt that is the reason however logical it would appear.

    @all others having RAM issues:

    I think that if the other users who have posted in this thread have not found any luck with any of the suggestions mentioned above in the replies from various BB users, the next best VIABLE option would be to do a complete “WIPE HANDHELD” making SURE to create a backup via desktop manager first before conducting the wipe.

    There are two ways to wipe your handheld (and no, one of them is not to simply throw it in the toilet…lol):

    1: options>security>general settings>hit option button and scroll down to “Wipe Handheld” viola! Back to factory settings and now you can reinstall your 3rd party apps one-by-one again; always monitoring your “File Free” vs your “File Total”. A good general rule is to have a min 400k-800k bytes that are listed under “File Free” (I personaly have ~ 1,250,000 bytes free ATM.

    2: Use feature in desktop manager to wipe all non-factory installed data/apps off your BB.

    Go to application manager section, do not uncheck anything, hit next, then hit “Advanced” where you will be given two options; and check the box in the first option (which is listed 1st) and hit next and BAM new factory settings on your BB!

    Now just restore data (cherrypick the data you want to restore) via the advanved restore option.

    Wiping Handheld should be done only if all else fails.

  23. Sorry I meant to say in beginning of post that “Empower pro is NOT the culprit here”…you can bet the farm that this is not what is causing the RAM issues.

  24. I’m having all of the same type of problems. I’ve deleted just about every application apart from essential. Still getting an hourglass from hell which re-occurs on the screen every 2 minutes or so.
    Along with memory problems, I’m needing to reset every second day with other problems such as trackball in-operation.
    As with Ronan, I’ve never had so many problems with a BlackBerry, especially recently…

  25. @Idavisa:
    You can be SURE Empower and BBSmart aren’t the problem (or at least a big part of it) here? And MemoryUp helps fix both?
    And how does one set BBSmart to use SD? I can find no such setting. Only menu entry about cache is a “Clear” button.

  26. Okay after removing empower and pocket day I can report that the issue is still there! All I have left is Mobipocket and Viigo. I use these applications constantly every day so I dont see myself removing it anytime soon.

    The problem is that now 3 days after rebooting I am down to 3mb of free space from the 8MB i had 3 days ago. I guess I really have to start cleaning up the other applications.

    I am assuming either Viigo or Mobipocket are involved somehow in the memory consumption. I have upgraded both of these in the past month with the latest versions.

  27. @David

    Memoryup won’t help with Empower Pro or BBsmart as these are not JVM apps (Java) so the user must manage the cache folder themselves. MemoryUp will only help manage JVM (J2ME) / midlet suites on BB. MemoryUp will only help with some of your woes, particularily apps involving Java.

    Empower Pro gives you the option of placing cache folder on your SD card. I remember when testing out BB smart (not too long ago) there was an option to move cache folder to SD card; maybe you might have to do this manually. What version of BBsmart are you running? You can always disable images in emails or limit cache at like 100kb-or just go and delete your cache folder every few days. I know Empower Pro gives the BB user more options like these which is why I use it vs. BBsmart.


    Man this must be frustrating for you. I’d just backup your BB and then take off mobipocket first-check status and then Viigo. Maybe the newer versions of either one has a yet to be reported RAM issue. At the very least you can restore all data and apps to time of backup if you still have the issue.

  28. OK, after doing my second battery pull reset for the day (and when it’s in an OtterBox, that’s a real pain in the butt). I’m willing to give anything a shot.
    I have 0k free after just 8 hours earlier having nearly 10M. After using Memory Cleaner and clearing all cache memory, I still had 0k free. After the battery pull reset however, I’ve got over 10M free.
    I will remove Viigo and let you all know how it goes. (This is going to be like giving up Crack, as it’s one of my most used apps)
    Until then…

  29. @Greg

    Would you be so kind as to list for me all the apps you have (that are not factory installed) including any added themes you may have downloaded; basically anything that does not come installed when 1st purchased?

    Also let me know what version desktop manager you are running, what version of handheld software you have running and what BB model you are running.

    I can then refernce those apps to the amount of space and RAM taken up by them and get back to you. ANYTHING not installed by RIM/phone carrier.

    BTW: your comment on Viigo-oh so funny! I agree.

    But Viigo shouldn’t be doing this unless you recently upgraded it; I have it installed v2.2.82. No problems here.

    Also one thing to note:

    If you are getting your info re: amount of file free via your desktop manager’s device info link (if running 4.3 OS) many time when you click on options>device properties, it will list your device as reading “0 bytes” free-this is a glitch in desktop manager 4.3-FYI-mine says right now 0 byted free but my BB says I have 704889 bytes available.

    To check amount of free space always do it from your BB under options>status.

    Blackberry Device Manager: v4.3.0.7
    BBDevMgr: v4.0.0.1
    Application Loader:v4.3.0.13

    This taken from Desktop Manager’s “about” option under it’s options link.

  30. Ok, Here’s the list:
    Viigo (Now deleted 🙁 ), Ascendo DataVault (4.36), Battlestations 1945 (1.0.3), BerryReview (1.0)(shortcut app), BizTrackIt (, Call of Duty 4 (1.0.0), iLike theme (all others deleted), EmpowerMailViewer (, Google Maps (2.0.1), Nav4All (8.0.65), Pipes (1.1.2), trackIt: Vehicle Edition (3.6), TimeTracker (1.0.0), BBBatteryWatch, Service Log (3.0).

    Status; File Free 10944604 Bytes, File Total 54919168 Bytes.
    BlackBerry Curve 8310 running v4.2.2.163 (Platform
    Desktop: Apple OSX 10.5 Leopard running PocketMac Syncmanager ver.1.0.9.
    Upgraded Viigo just a few weeks ago.
    I know i have a fair few of the same type of applications but I’m doing a side by side for review purposes.

  31. I’ll get back to you; might be a little bit.


    I see that you have many apps that require data to be stored in your cache folders (i.e. BizTrackIt (, EmpowerMailViewer (, Google Maps (2.0.1), Nav4All (8.0.65), trackIt: Vehicle Edition (3.6), TimeTracker (1.0.0), Service Log (3.0)

    Are you clearing these upon exiting or managing the data that is stored (like for your mapping apps google and nav4all, empower, trackit)?

    Shouldn’t be the culprit cuz you have lots of free space we just to find what in the hell is eating your RAM…we’ll get there.

    Just an observation, anyway give me sometime to research this; might be until tomorrow, ok?

    Thanks for quick reponse.

  32. Don’t stress and thankyou so much for the help.
    The quick response is no problems as it is just about 1pm here on a public holiday 🙂 .
    I don’t use google maps at all so will probably delete it but I just want to wait a bit to see what the memory does now Viigo has gone…
    trackIt: Vehicle Edition (3.6), TimeTracker (1.0.0), Service Log (3.0) were all loaded just yesterday and I was having problems before that. I will let you know…

  33. So nobody with Mobipocket is having this problem? I guess that leaves Viigo. Maybe the latest version is causing problems? I just had to pull a hard reset on my device again. Its starting to get ridiculous. I would not mind it if the BB OS did not start deleting my emails and phone logs right away. Maybe it should delete offending 3rd party applications instead. 🙂
    I would be interested in seeing if developers know of a way to see how much memory each application is consuming. Kind of like task manager on windows.

  34. I have the same problems but I don’t have Viigo installed.

    I do have Newsgator Go! and I think I noticed that when I delete all my read articles, I did get some memory back. I’m considering deleting a few apps to see if things improve… Google Maps and Yahoo Go 3.0 beta.

  35. Ok, so it’s the end of the day here (Aust) and my free memory is still crashing. Down to 648422 Bytes now. No Viigo installed so I guess that rules it out as the culprit.
    I’ve checked Database Sizes and there is nothing that stands out there. The largest user is Content Store at 43/1368.3K. The next big user from there is RMS Databases at 9/442.0K.
    There is no rhyme or reason for it. I’ve hardly used my BlackBerry today. (Sent 4 emails and received 17 including 3 weather update links from Bb). I have not used the browser apart from one link that lead nowhere (link from email from reputable source).
    Started the day with over 10Mb free after a hard reset and ended it with just over 0.5Mb free…
    Any Ideas…

  36. I believe I’ve scanned all the prior posts, and not seen this particular comment / suggestion.
    Some mentioned upgrading the os, and to add to that, there was word of one or more earlier os versions that had memory leak issues.
    So indeed going with the latest os version may solve this issue for some folks.
    Likely most know this already, but once again, you can use any vendor’s os for the model number, just remove the vendor.xml file before docking the device so that a “new” os is detected. Cheers
    ps – although I didn’t have issues with memory leak, I’ve noticed better performance since purchasing MemoryUp a few months ago; check out it’s options to customize how often the optimization is done

  37. The OS is the latest available. My Curve has been diagnosed with a corrupted OS (how it happened, I don’t know).
    Solution is to wipe the entire OS and reload. So far, I have not done it yet but will post back when I have.
    Thanks for all the help…
    Kindest Regards,
    Greg Myers

  38. Hey Greg, who diagnosed this supposed corruption?

    Fwiw, I’m running, the latest VZW offers. I’m hoping to not have to do a wipe until OS 4.5.

  39. Was diagnosed by the site moderator at CrackBerry Au. I’m running the latest available OS (via Optus carrier). Are you having problems with
    I might have picked up something via 3rd party app (not sure yet).
    I will keep you posted.

  40. You can read the continuation to the horror story here
    I have tried everything!

  41. I’m glad someone can relate to what I am going through. The same thing just started happening to me. I can’t track missed calls. I don’t get texts or emails. And my phone even pauses when I am trying to make a call or hang up.

    I have no solutions yet and have yet to read through every post here.

    It started acting strange after I got the AP news application – but I deleted that and more – and still have terrible problems.

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