Review: Krusell Classic Case With MultiAdapt For BlackBerry 8800 Series

IMG_3883Review: Krusell Classic Case With MultiAdapt For BlackBerry 8800 Series
[rating:8.5] 8.5/10
Cost: ~$10.89 on Amazon

This is the second Krusell case we will be reviewing in a series. Unlike the previous Krusell case we reviewed this case is specifically designed for the 8800 and fits it like a glove! With that said this Classic case is what I call a “Glove Fit” case. The Classic case is a perfect fit and I did not find any major flaws. I will detail the minor ones below in the full review.

The case is a great fit for the BlackBerry 8800 and fits it nicely. The case has some issues with sliding the device in and out because the BlackBerry sticks to the clear screen and front body protector. The main issue I have had with all Glove Fit cases is that they close with a zipper. The problem is that the zipper just stays there after you have closed the case. I just found it annoying since it would not stay in one place and hit me in the face when it was windy.

Keep in mind that this type of case is available for other current BlackBerry models. You just need to choose the correct sizing. Krusell also includes a cool feature called MultiAdapt. This means that the clip is removable and can be exchanged for another style of clip.

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For this review we have taken the BlackBerry 8800 series of Krusell’s Classic line. It comes only in Black. The packaging for the case is actually quite nice so I pictured it below.



Below you can see the actual case on an 8800. As you can see the fit is very tight. Unlike other cases that cover the screen and keyboard this one has perfect cutouts for all the main features such as the speaker and microphone. The trackball cutout is also perfect and does not hinder use. The only problem is that the clear front body cover collects dust and gunk underneath it so a cleaning is required every one in awhile.

You can also see how the zipper sticks out of the case in the picture below. I really wish somebody would come up with a way to get rid of it.


The right and left sides of the case have cutouts for all the ports and functions other than the charging contacts. I don’t have the BlackBerry charging station so that makes no difference to me.



As you can see above the leather is sown on beautifully and is very soft. The also kept the stitching inside the case so it does not stick out like in other companies cases. Below you can see the cutout for the microphone.


Below you can see the cutouts for the speaker and speaker phone. There is also some see-through plastic for the top buttons. You can see what I mean about the dust below.


The back of the case sports Krusell’s MultiAdapt clip feature. This means you can remove the clip but the clip does not ratchet. There are also other clips available for purchase from Krusell including a swivel clip and heavy duty clip. The back of the case is also slightly padded for some reason that I cannot understand.


With the clip attached below:



  • Multi-Adapt clip
  • Fits 8800 like a glove
  • Nice leather
  • Perfect cutouts for all the BlackBerry functions


  • Zipper flaps around after you close it
  • Dust gets caught underneath screen


The Krusell Classic case for the 8800 really impressed me. I docked a few points because it did not have the best clip and did not ratchet. Also the zipper issue bothered me after a few phone calls. All in all this is the best Glove Fit case I have used to date but I think that somebody should come up with a smaller zipper or just a tool that closes it and then comes off.

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