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BeamBerry Is Now Only $49.95 One Time Fee

Beamberrynewversion3I guess BeamBerry is feeling the heat from Documents To Go which is coming down the pipeline soon. BeamBerry was free for quite awhile so many people including myself go the chance to try it out. When they started charging for it the price for BeamBerry was a $49.95 subscription per year. Now the price has been changed to a one time $49.95. Pretty cool if you were planning on purchasing BeamBerry! If you have never tried it you can read about it and get a 10 day trial at this link:

Thanks to JSanders for sharing this info on BlackBerryForums:

Dear BeamBerry Customer,

We wanted to share with you some exciting news about the pricing for
the BeamBerry service. The price of an annual subscription to the
BeamBerry service (after the free 10 day trial) was originally
$49.99 USD / year. However, we have listened to the feedback coming
from our customers and decided that the price for the BeamBerry service
subscription will be a one time fee of $49.99 USD going forward. That means
that you will not have to pay to renew the BeamBerry service subscription
every year.
We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to continue
using BeamBerry. If you have already purchased a BeamBerry subscription, you will be
automatically taking advantage of this new pricing model and not
action is required on your part.

Corporate volume discounts of up to 25% are offered. To learn more
about corporate discounts and to purchase BeamBerry please visit our
website at:
We truly appreciate and value your business. Please do not hesitate
to contact us should you have any questions.

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  1. Good move. Freerange should follow suit IMO.

  2. Freerange charges a subscription? Isent it the same thing as Feedgator Go which is free?

  3. Nope. 40 bucks a year. Steep.

  4. that does not make any sense! The product is free

  5. Freerange is free if you subscribe to up to 10 (ten) feeds with it. If you want eleven or more, it’s 40 US dollars a year:
    Who subscribes to less than 11 feeds anyway?

  6. Why dont you just use Viigo or newsgator to go?

  7. Oh, Viigo is still too inadequate in several ways I won’t get into right now lest I would be posting almost an entire review right here. That incredibly awkward menu, the rendering engine and its so many flaws, the key shortcuts or rather lack thereof. I could go on…
    I love NewsGater Go, it’s too bad it won’t display images. It used to cost 30 bucks before it became free. Absolutely worth it if it could display images.

  8. Yeah I am still trying to understand the difference between freerange and Feedburner Go.

    Personally I would rather the images only loaded on demand.

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