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Bank Puts $2 Million Dollars In Your Account – What Would You Do?

I just read a great article on Reuters about a guy in New York who went to the bank one day to find out he had over $5 million in his account. This is the same account that only had $800 dollars the day before.


Turns out this guy Benjamin Lovell withdrew over $2 million dollars from this mistaken account. Turns out that there was another company with a trustee named Benjamin Lovell.

Benjamin, age 48, just pleaded guilty Tuesday and will be facing 25 years behind bars on grand larceny charges.

So I have to ask what would you do if you suddenly had access to $5 million? Caribbean? Some non extradition country? Canada?  Or would you do the right thing.

Don’t worry I wont hold it against you.

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  1. I’d like to say I’d do the right thing but I’m afraid they’d never see my normally broke butt again

  2. I would be closing out the account and be on a plane immediatly after. O:)

  3. I’d invest the money in RIM stock..

    Once it traded the next day and made a bundle..sell it..and keep the proceeds!

    From reading the news story…this guy invested some of the money to make a quick buck…but made BAD investments (must have been Palm)…

  4. Non-Extradition country for me, no questions asked, no second thoughts and def no regrets lol….the bank is insured for the loss so the REAL owner of the $$ is fine…and I just scored the BIG one…Muhahaha!!…

  5. Completely agree. He must have been really greedy to lose the money. I have been checking my account daily 🙂

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