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Opera Mini Server Software Upgraded! Cool Features

OperaminicooltransitionI was just one of my regular mobile blogs,, and came upon a post Dennis published on February 4th. It turns out that Opera made some serious upgrades to their server software on February 3rd. I was surprised since I had not heard a word about it. I didn’t even know Opera would be doing upgrades without upgrading the client. They now even have an opera:config page to edit the server side settings. (Firefox powerusers will know what I am talking about) Makes you feel like an amateur hacker again.

It was also nice to learn from Dennis that Opera Mini has a cool autocomplete function for URL’s. It turns out that you don’t have to type in the whole www. and .com part of a URL. If you just type berryreview it will take you to I wish RIM would do that with the native BB browser!

You should really read the rest of the well written summary by Dennis but I will give a teaser below:

Here’s the changelog:

  • Added a simple UI to the server-side preferences that exists. Go to ‘opera:config’ to configure some settings.
  • Tweaked phonenumber detection, there should be somewhat fewer false positives now, but you can now also disable the feature on the opera:config page.
  • Increased the default timeouts to 40 seconds from 20.
  • Updated the HTML rendering engine to be similar to the latest Opera 9.5 weekly release.
  • Fixed support for entering hostnames starting with a number (eg, as a URL without the starting http://
  • Made content folds visible even when the background is black.
  • Fixed inter-page links.
  • Fixed clipping rectangle for iframes with hidden overflow css properties, this bug caused some links inside some iframes to be unclickable.
  • Fixed HTTP basic auth for pages with non-7bit authentication realm.
  • Pages with nested tags are now somewhat easier to navigate (<a href='link'>Link 1 <a href='link2'> Link 2</a></a>), it’s now possible to follow both the inner and the outer link.
  • New WML stylesheet.
  • Various optimizations resulting in the average transcoding time to be 20% lower.

If you don’t already have Opera Mini you can download it free from the links below:
BlackBerry OTA Download:
Desktop Install:

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  1. hello together,

    use the opera browser the mds from the bes server ?

    I have made tests and when i stopped the mds connections service on the bes i could not go to the internet with the opera browser. i also changed the service at the opera browser from http to socket but without success.
    Then i thougt when the opera browser use the mds i could connect to intranet sites at my company. I try it but also without success. i could not open the intranet sites from the company.

    Use the opera browser the mds – yes or not – when they use it why i cant access to intranet sites ?
    I used the default it policy.

    Bye Robert

  2. Unortunately, Opera Mini is one of those programs that refuse to work over a BIS-B connection, so it is useless to me. 🙁

  3. The Opera Mini team blog is where we generally post information about upgrades, etc. You could subscribe to that blog to stay in touch with Opera Mini. 🙂

    Opera Software

  4. Hi Robert

    Ive been trying to work out Opera and intRAnet access too and i think Ive worked out why it will not work.

    Opera Mini uses its own proxy to speed things up for mobile devices and will use it no matter what and there doesn’t appear to be an option to disable it. What this means if your using BES, is that the traffic will go through the BES proxy and then to the Opera Mini proxy for processing thus internal intranet access is not possible as the OperaProxy cant access your internal resources.

    You can check this by using ( is a different site that wont tell you about proxys) and you should see that the ip is that of your BES servers public interface but also that it came through the opera proxy.

    So basically the traffic flow looks like this…
    BB -> BES -> OperaProxy -> website
    website -> OperaProxy -> BES -> BB


  5. I use operamini mod2.06 on my nokia3110c and can’t download anything, help guys [email protected]

  6. I use operamini mod2.06 on my nokia3110c and can’t download anything,[email protected]

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