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Bayalink Liberty Key – Use Your BlackBerry From Your Computer

Bayalinkblackberrysplash_product2Hayden has scored once again by getting details on one of the nichiest (is that a word?) accessory for BlackBerry devices. It is called the Bayalink Liberty and it has a very specific function. It allows you to use certain BlackBerry functions from your laptop such as sending email, browsing the internet, or open attachments through the BlackBerryn over Bluetooth. You can read the details below or head on over to Bayalink’s website for more.

The Liberty Key is available now for $99.99 on Bayalinks website. The only caveat is that it mentions that there is only a 1–year subscription? I am not sure what you are subscribing to but I would recommend looking into that before buying. Also keep in mind that there is a snowballs chance in hell that your BES admin will help you setup such a service unless you are on really good terms.

Bayalink Liberty has been designed from inception to be fully integrated to the Blackberry platform with convenience and security as primary foundations.

Once configured, simply plug in the Liberty Key and launch the handheld software. The software communicates between your handheld and the Liberty key via Bluetooth technology giving you the features of your BlackBerry on a regular screen and keyboard.



  • Send a message using Liberty, it gets sent from your BlackBerry
  • Delete a message using Liberty, it gets deleted on your BlackBerry
  • Mark a message read using Liberty, it gets marked read on your BlackBerry
  • Request a webpage in IE or Firefox using Liberty and the BlackBerry fetches it for you
  • Compose a lengthy email using Liberty or compose it with your thumbs, you choose
  • Request an attachment, and it is downloaded for you


  • Bayalink Liberty requires that the Viewer be launched from the handheld; this ensures only authorized access to your handheld resources
  • The Bluetooth link can be secured with the highest levels of encryption – AES – with our proprietary encryption services for enterprise customers
  • No data is ever stored to the remote PC or laptop unless the user puts it there
  • If you pull out the Liberty Key or walk out of Bluetooth range, Liberty detects something is not right and automatically closes the viewer
  • Additional services can be provided to further lock down the Viewer to align with your enterprise architecture strategy for end user computing.
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  1. Blackberry Foleo? That and an EEE would be awesome.
    But it won’t work with BIS. I checked.
    Now I’m trying to find out if it really works on ANY computer as they advertise or if “ANY” actually means “We only support the Windows platforms currently at this time.” If I am right about the answer I’m darn sure they’re going to give me, then it is no better than MobiShark and costs twice as much.

  2. What do you mean it wont work with BIS? What does it work with? TCP/IP?

  3. Yes, TCP/IP, it is stated somewhere in their FAQ, Forum or knowledge base. I wanted to find out if this dongle would work on computers running Mac or Linux, but their site does not provide any e-mail or phone for contact. Instead, there is a forum. Of course, one is required to register. So I did, and was told by the site that I should open a confirmation message that had been sent through e-mail. I never got any message. I registered with another login and e-mail and it still didn’t work. So I gave up.

  4. Got to love the customer support circus that companies make you jump through nowadays.

  5. Actually, they are very responsive. I sent them 2 sets of questions. One was answered right away. The other one at 3:40 am. The guy said they are swamped with inquiries right now. As a start-up, you can not expect them to have a large staff.

  6. Wow I guess they are pretty swamped. I wonder what made them step into the BlackBerry field. The App looks pretty cool. I always hated when I had to use MobiShark since it limited how many threads/requests could be made to 5 at a time. If one timed out you just had to wait.

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