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Unlimited Calling Plans The Next Big Thing?

InfinitysymbolWith Sprint, ATT,Verizon set to offer $99 unlimited calling plans things seem to be looking on the up and up. Personally I don’t spend more than 300 minutes on the phone a month but I know others that spend 100 times as much. I guess T-mobile will have to follow suit with their own $99 calling plan.

AT&T has added a twist to their unlimited calling plan by banning smartphones from plan. I guess they just want to screw with power users.

The thing that I find ridiculous is that SMS messages still cost $.20 or $.15 per message. You can have an unlimited data plan sending hundreds of megabytes but you have to pay a dime to send 2Kb of text. This gets even more ridiculous when you consider the fact that a phone call is streaming 30 times more data every second. Just another ironic part about the phone industry.

How much time do you think it will take for Verizon and AT&T to come out with an announcement that “Unlimited” really means limited.

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  1. Hey don’t forget T-Mobile? Their $99 unlimited plan includes not only Voice but also unlimited SMS and unlimited MMS!

  2. how could I forget. 🙂 Sorry I am nowhere near being in the market for an unlimited calling plan. I hate talking on the phone

  3. So in case you, reader, don’t have a Blackberry, stumbled upon this page by accident and often wonder what this Blackberry business is all about, take this hint from Ronen: it’s not about the phone.

  4. HA! So true. The phone is actually far down on the list of the things I do with my Berry
    Email -constantly
    Gtalk – Every few minutes
    RSS – Every 30
    Ebooks – 30 minutes a day
    Calendar – day management
    phone – Couple times a day

  5. I agree. It is stupid for all other carriers to charge for SMS. If you think $99 is too much, T-Mo now also offers $39.99 with 1000 minutes, that’s something else to consider.
    Carriers how to make money from data plans, which will be more and more popular as new phones emerge. They also consider the video calling feature, which they will start charging old-school style.

  6. yeah I know I used to have that T-mobile plan. The thing that bugs me is that Text messages cost so much. Somebody should create a global standard J2ME program that does the same thing for all cellphones 🙂

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