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3G HSDPA BlackBerry Confirmed & Touchscreen Maybe Coming Soon?

FastsnailPersonally I am never one to put much stock in rumors. They just get my hopes up for a product that we know nothing about. On the other hand I have found on multiple sources online that RIM’s co-Chief Executive  Jim Balsillie has confirmed that a 3G HSDPA phone is right around the corner for GSM networks. has more on the 3G HSDPA.

Otherwise I have also been reading about RIM’s latest patents all over the internet recently. Specifically the slider phone patent and the touchscreen patent covered by BBCool. I would not put either past RIM but you never know. I would think Apple would come up with a slider phone first. Personally I think RIM may have just patented it to keep the rumor going and their stock up.

If you want a good laugh and want to see how ridiculous some patents truly are just check out the link below:

My favorite is:

5107620 Electrified table cloth Designed to discourage bugs from crawling on a table cloth, the electrified table cloth shocks them, much like an invisible dog fence. I’m not sure this idea is so crazy — if anyone knows where to get one of these, let me know 🙂

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  1. Touchscreens are overrated.

  2. Completely agree. Ever tried using a treo or WM device? It requires 2 hands!

  3. And most of us have 2 of them, alright, but it doesn’t make things easier at all, and I bet it makes the phone more expensive. I have a Palm PDA (still used for reading books and listening to podcasts) and I think the touchscreen is no more than a kludge that somehow became popular.

  4. Try the ‘Touchscreen’ on the iPhone and then say Touchscreens are overrated… Definitly Apple’s most redeeming feature…The rest of it is Crap…

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