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My BlackBerry Is A Bad Garbage Collector

PileofTrashA few weeks ago I cleaned up all of the free memory on my BlackBerry by uninstalling all the games and removing voice dialing from my BlackBerry. I was so proud that I finally had 10+ megabytes of free space on my device! The ironic part is that today my BlackBerry decided to go on a field day.

I started noticing something was up around 9 am when I was searching for an email and it found no results. That should have tipped me off but I was in a hurry. Later on in the day my BlackBerry is slow as hell and my call logs were nowhere to be found. After that I started to read my email and noticed that there were no emails. They were all gone except for 2!!! WTF!!!

So I did the alt+caps+H shortcut to get the BlackBerry help screen and there I see that I have 0Kb of free space on my device! I have not installed anything new since yesterday when I had 7Mb of free space. I guess I got some runaway process that sucked up all my free space? When I rebooted I suddenly had 7MB of free space again.

So let this be a fair warning to all. BlackBerrys are designed to cannibalize themselves when they run out of space. Instead of deleting themes and other junk such as preinstalled videos, wallpapers, and AT&T homescreen shortcuts the device decides to delete my precious email and call logs. Figures…

I would love to speak to the engineer who designed this. It must have been the same guy who decided you should not be able to turn on the wireless radio once you have less than 30% battery life.

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  1. This is the only really frustrating problem with BlackBerry devices I experienced within the last two years. My Curve did this three or more times until I really cleaned it up. Now I check from time to time the free memory and since it is more than 15 megs I did not have this problem anymore.

    See my blog post for more information.

  2. Its good to know I am not alone. What a pain in the @$$

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