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nuTsie Mobile Music Service Pushing Harder For BlackBerry Adoption

NutsienewlogonuTsie is not really a new service since it came out a few months ago. Surprisingly it did not spark the revolution and uptake that nuTsie was hoping for.

A short description of nuTsie:

nuTsie is a new mobile and online music service that allows anyone to listen to their iTunes music and playlists in hi-fi quality on their BlackBerry smartphone, PC or other mobile phone, as well as explore other users’ playlists and share music with friends. users can also find and listen to new music by searching and browsing by artist, member, category and song title.

It seems like nuTsie wants to capitalize on RIM’s and sites to promote their software. Personally I don’t use iTunes but I tried it an it did not work that well. Let me know if you have been having better luck.

You can pick up the application free at Let me know what you think if you do try it out.

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  1. What a waste of time! I did all the steps it said to do, had to pay for a txt msg too (why can’t they just e-mail me the OTA link?) and then the install fails!! Error: 907 Invalid Jar String index out of range: -16

    I want my time and $0.15 back.

  2. Oh I’m using the 8320. They say they support the Curve as well as the 8820, so I tried it, but I guess they have a few more bugs to work out.

  3. Nikolaus,

    Sorry to hear you’re are having trouble with nuTsie, send a note to [email protected] and I am confident we can get things working for you.


  4. You can also side load the app if you so desire.

  5. Installed fine and uploaded my library and it said it would email when finished and its been since friday and nothing.

  6. just downloaded to the pearl 8100 on T-Mobile. works great! when waiting for the song to “buffer” there is a slight delay but other than that this programs seems to be working great! Thanks alot nuTsie!

  7. Nutsie rules! I’ve been using it since I read about a few months ago. There are some bugs, but ya know what? It works, it’s free, and I like it! I find that using Opera to manage my account while on my BB works best.

  8. Beta Beta Beta. Its the new excuse 🙂
    nuTsie is most definitely on the cutting edge. Along with the cutting edge comes bugs.

  9. At first I was disappointed as well. I thought wow,cool I can listen to my I tunes library without the limitations and download hassles. But it didn’t want to work on my curve. I spoke with the nuTsie people via a few e-mails. They were very nice and tried, to no avail, to provide a solution. A few weeks ago, for some unknown reason, I logged into nuTsie and it worked. WOW!!! Very cool. The first song takes a few moments to buffer but it is smooth sailing after that. It my be cliche but nuTsie R.O.C.K rocks!

  10. How do you get it free? I see it every where for 20.00

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