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Ziplorer – Open & Create ZIP Files From Your BlackBerry

Ziplorer_screenshot_2_245x261The hard working guys at S4BB have released another innovative application for BlackBerry devices. The latest is Ziplorer which allows you to unpack/unzip .ZIP and .GZ files from your BlackBerry. You can also create compressed files from your BlackBerry to easily send multiple files. This means you have compress or decompress any files on the SD card or internal memory of your BlackBerry. You can also use Ziplorer to unzip files attached to emails. This essentially brings the power of PKZip and GZip to the BlackBerry.

Pretty cool if I may say so myself. I have not had a chance to try it myself but S4BB has brought us one step closer to a fully featured device. RIM already gave us the ability to browse into .zip files with the latest version of BIS so this is not a revolutionary application. On the other hand I can see many people who would be interested in such an application. I would be interested to see if you could open .txt .doc or other common files included inside a ZIP file.


Personally I think that the application will have a much larger appeal once Documents To Go allows for attachment handling on the BlackBerry. If you are interested in more information I would recommend reading the quick start guide at this link. Ziplorer supports the following BlackBerry devices: 7130, 8100, 8300, 8700, and 8800 series.

You can pick up a copy of Ziplorer from the BerryReview Store for $16.99. Don’t forget our current 20% off promotion to bring the price down to $13.59.

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  1. I think the Blackberry has to be one of the most expensive platforms out there. You have to spend copious amounts of extra money just to get functions that should already be included. That and 3/4 of the applications are way over priced for the amount of functionality they provide.

  2. Nice indeed. But don’t we almost invariably receive zip files as mail attachments? Doesn’t the Blackberry service’s attachment viewer already open zip files? So the point of having it is just the ability to create zip files, I suppose? I must be missing something.

  3. Yeah BerryZilla we do get the shaft when it comes to added features. Everything cost money.

    Luc the built in BIS will already let you look and open files inside of a zip file. I even mentioned that above. I shot them an email about that asking why they spent the time on a redundant product. Maybe if you want to zip up a ton of pictures together for emailing?

    If you want to see why I think RIM needs to focus on creating a more hobbiest friendly developer community check out this software Fring. Its free for WM and Symbian
    Why cant we get something like this???

  4. Unless those pictures are in the BMP format, zipping them up won’t help much either. And who uses BMP these days?
    Sure, there must be some serious need for this application. Just because I don’t see it right away doesn’t mean it’s not there.
    Yeah, I also wonder why we don’t get a free Skype client. But I would demand such explanation from Skype rather than from RIM. RIM won’t be making any money with it, Skype will. So long as there is no free Skype client, I resort to alternatives like Jajah. I’d rather use Skype, but I’m not paying for no Skype app, dammit. Grumble. Gizmo has a Blackberry client, but it doesn’t work on a BIS-B connection. I complained about that several months ago, still no joy. Whatever.
    There is something very similar to Fring that is free and runs on Blackberrys. I didn’t like it because I couldn’t turn it off, it runs on background constantly like Mobi reader. I forget the name…

  5. You talking about EQO?

  6. Nope… I got it!

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