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Free Lingo Word Game On

Yesterday Josep sent me a link to a new free game now available on the BlackBerry Help portal at The game is actually pretty fun and is based on the TV show of the same name. You can pick it up at the link above from your BlackBerry. Once you are at the homepage just go to the Games link->free games and you will find it there.


The idea is that the game gives you the first letter of a 5 letter word and you have to guess the rest of the word. It gives you 10 tries per word and if you get 5 words in a series then you move to the lightning round. It will tell you if you have gotten one of the letters in the wrong place by making it yellow. It will also tell you if you have the letter in the right place by making it red.

Pretty fun game if you want to turn into a walking dictionary of 5 letter words. I found the game quite fun and challenging but I will let Luc bend his mind to breaking it.

The main criticism I have for the game is that it always forgets to turn off the volume. That means if you set the option to volume off. Every time you open the game the volume will be turned on again. You also cannot close the game and return but you can just minimize it.

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  1. Crazy! I remember seeing this show on TV in Canada a long long time ago.

  2. yeah its fun and a great game to boot. It reminds me how bad my vocabulary is… Trying to find out how many 5 letter words I know that start with W

  3. Wow it actually is a lot of fun to play! Harder then I though to. Now idea there are so many 5 letter words. You do have to manually turn off the Sound every time, which is annoying, but at least the game does start off with any sound.

  4. Yeah I know it is a real challenge. It is competing with Bookworm on my BlackBerry 🙂

  5. I tried going to that area of the site and there are a bunch of games listed there, but no Lingo. I saw fdbk from other users who have the same problem. Any idea why some of us can’t see it? I use an 8700. Can someone just pls send me the actual link instead?

  6. This is the link but I think it is only for 8800 and 8300 series devices now that I am looking at it:

  7. Thanks for posting the link. I had to reinstall all my BB’s software and RIM’s Mobile site no longer lists Lingo. Your posted link is now the only way to get it.

  8. I used the link and downloaded it no problem but it seems to be glitching!

  9. I have been looking for a link to the 81xx version of this game for days. If anyone would be willing and able to provide a link for this game, or can email me a copy of it to gump47371(at), I would appreciate it.

  10. my 8100 had it till i had to do a huge reset. how do we transfer a copy for a phone that has it to the phone that doesnt?

  11. You cant use the 8800 series on the Pearl, you need the Pearl version to be able to use this application on the Pearl. I have yet to find someone that is willing and able to share the Pearl version.

  12. i assume the game is no longer available? I’m love this game and am looking for a version for the 8320.

  13. If anyone has the link for the version that’s compatabile with the 8130 I would greatly appreciate it.I downloaded it but I can’t type in the letters.HELP ME!!!

  14. I downloaded lingo from the link but I can’t type some letters from my Pearl. Any idea how I can activate use of the other keys?

  15. What’s the link to the new lingo

  16. Any chance there is a version for the 8900?

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