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FAQ: Keyboard Shortcut To Paste Copied Text

KeyboardkeysMany people have asked me over the last few weeks how to paste text in fields that do not have the paste menu option. You will run into this in registration screens and other fields. There is a quick way to paste any text you have copied into these fields using a simple keyboard shortcut.

First copy the text you wish to paste
Then hold down the CAPS button and click down on the trackball or trackwheel and the text will be pasted. So basically CAPS+Click

Simple as that. Enjoy!

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  1. I think I’ve run into the problem maybe only once before, but i certainly appreciate any cool BB tips. Thanks!

    There was a previous post like a week ago about 40 BB tips. It missed the one that in the BB Browser you can hit “L” to see the current page address. Servus!

  2. Nikolaus, read the comments in that page again. 🙂 The L key brings up the currently highlighted link’s address. To get the current page’s address, you should press P.

  3. Am I missing something here? When did BBs get a CTRL button?

  4. Carter,
    Sorry about that I keep confusing the CTRL button and the caps button. Just hit Caps+click

  5. If this works as advertised, YOU ARE MY AWESOME SAVIOR. This has been bugging me for an eternity, and both Opera Mini and Blackberry Browser fail miserably at copy/paste within a text field! I do tons of blog reading, twitter, utterli, etc via bb and this problem plagued me tremendously.


  6. The tips doesn't work on STK menu/SIM Services, the paste wont work.

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