PocketMac: Apple Sync – Not So Bad

pmac.jpgA few days ago Ronen posted about ‘The Missing Sync’ and Entourage 2008 incompatibility. In truth the situation is not as bleak as many have portrayed. Especially when you discover the power of PocketMac.

For those BlackBerry users out there that are having problems with ‘The Missing Sync’ or just don’t want to cough up the $30 or so they want for it then you have a choice. Regardless of issues with Microsoft Entourage Plug-in support, PocketMac now works just great with most Mac OS flavors including 10.5 Leopard.

You can pick up a copy at www.discoverblackberry.com/discover/mac_solutions.jsp

I have tried ‘The Missing Sync’ and in my opinion ‘PocketMac’ is a much better option. This is a more versatile program as PocketMac allows you to set the winner when you sync up. Example: In any of the categories: Tasks, Calender, Contacts and Notes you can choose ‘Mac Wins’, ‘Sync both ways’ or ‘BlackBerry Wins’. This allows you to have control over which device you want to be ‘The Boss’. Each of the categories has 6 different options to which program on your Mac you want to sync to. Choose from any of your installed MS Office programs, Mac OSX, Lotus, Daylight or Now (I found if you choose all to sync then you get a few conflicts between the programs…and it takes ages…)

Apple and BlackBerry have got together to add a few special features like sync back using your .Mac account. If you have a .Mac account then you can sync all the above categories back to your own web space so you can access back from anywhere if need be. (Great if you loose your BB away from home). You can also load and delete programs from you desktop in the same sort of way you use the windows based programs (I think, I don’t own a PC…)

When Apple released OSX 10.5 there were a few bugs with PocketMac and you would occasionally get the dreaded hour glass from hell. If you still have the old version and you are running 10.5 just hit the ‘Update Software’ option in PocketMac. So far, I have had no problems at all running the new version with Leopard.

And now for the best part…Price…Free… You can pick up your copy for your Apple Mac from www.blackberry.com at this link.


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  1. Do not use Pocketmac. I used it and it moved several of my appointments one day ahead.

    I let Entourage sync with iCal. From that point on you can sync with iSync.

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