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Review: Bose Triport IE Headphones

boselogo_01.jpgReview: Bose Triport IE Headphones
[rating:8] 8/10
Cost: ranges around $99

Now, I might be a bit biased towards this review as just about every bit of sound hardware I have has the Bose logo printed on it somewhere. Home entertainment, outdoor sound system, iPod docking station and even my clock radio is all in this category. But I will try my best to stick to the facts and save my opinion to the end…

The Bose In Ear Headphones work well with a variety of portable sound devices including the BlackBerry. Keep in mind that there are two different versions of Bose Triport Earphones floating around. The new 2007 version comes with Black and White cabling and the older versions cables are only black. I can’t 100% confirm that but that is what I have heard and read on multiple places including Amazon. The newer version supposedly fixes the “falling out of ear” issue with updated gels.

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Out of the Box:

The Bose In-Ear Headphones arrive in one of those impossible to open, cell form package wraps . (You know the ones, where by the time you are using your new toy inside, you have been to the hospital 3 times for 40 stitches and 3 pints of blood because of self inflicted knife wounds.) Once you finally get inside you will find a host of attachments and accessories. They come with 3 different size silicon inserts to fit ears of all shape and size. Also include is a handy little leather hard-case which is great for protecting your new toys. (And at the price you pay, you will want to protect them !)



So how do they sound ? Well, at this stage I must tell you I’m no sound expert and all of this is opinion only. The answer: Good, not Great! To me, they seem to be lacking in the bass side of things. The clarity of sound is what you would typically expect from Bose and $100+ set of earbuds. Power is also where they seem to be lacking. At full volume, the factory standard BlackBerry earbuds seem to be louder.

I tried the Bose IE Headphones across a very wide genre of music. Hip Hop, rock, country, classical and even spoken word. I even tried them on a different range of sound devices including my iPod, iPhone, Apple MacBook, Motorola phone and of course BlackBerry Curve. The sound quality was about the same across all the products.



Now here is where my biased is going to come into view. Although they don’t look it, they are actually quite comfortable. I had absolutely no dis-comfort wearing them for 8 hours straight. The silicon ear piece molds quite well into the ear canal creating a tight and secure fit. Apart from the couple of points listed above, these are excellent headphones and the sound quality is something that needs to be experienced.

You will notice I have not included a set price. It seems to vary from store to store. To give you a ball park price, around $99 USD. If you have a Bose Store need you, I would suggest going down and giving them a try as I find sound quality a very objective and personal choice. These are not noise canceling units but they can be found at Bose as well.


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  1. Uhoh, you just your credibility went down a few notches hearing you like Bose equipment. LoL. 😀 People get laughed out of AV forums admitting to liking/buying Bose stuff. Their stuff is a rip off and you can find much better for the money. “All high’s, No low’s… Must be Bose”

  2. Hi BerryZilla,
    Love your parting comment 🙂 .
    We don’t get to much choice in Aus as to quality sound equipment. There is just all the cheap stuff or Bose and Harmon Karmon. Hopefully the other gear will hit the local market soon.
    Kindest Regards
    Greg Myers

  3. Sorry, Forgot…
    We also have Bang & Olufsen…
    Kindest Regards
    Greg Myers

  4. Hello Guys, I have brought a Bose IE new version and i got verified by BOSE. The sound is great. Bose never let us done!!
    Here some tips, The price is very different around the world. I brought one only cost me 65USD. Be smart Guys

  5. Thanks for the feedback Tracy.

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